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Scanning Pay Slips...identity Fraud?!

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rennyren63 | 06:53 Mon 25th Mar 2013 | Business & Finance
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I would like to scan several items - pay slips, utility bill with my address etc - all items for a mortgage. My friend no longer has her scanner so I was planning to take the items into a camera shop where they provide scanning and ask them to save the items on my memory stick to send via email. Now I feel I may be being naive - am I giving the shop all they need to commit identity fraud?


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I would be cautious...can you see them at all times with your documents ??
Can't you just get photocopies...most libraries and some shops let you copy yourself for not much...
How much is a scanner in argos? It might be worth getting one of our own if you and your family think you might have a use for it later.
Many cheap inkjet printers also do copying and scanning.

You could probably get one for £30 or so.

This printer is at Argos for £35 that does scanning.

Epson SX235W

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Scanning Pay Slips...identity Fraud?!

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