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Help needed asap regarding tax repayments from H&M Revenue and Customs

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Hamfan | 09:54 Wed 30th May 2012 | Business & Finance
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I have recently received a cheque from h&m r&c and read it and realised that i had received cheques previously which I had thought were junk mail but hadn't thrown out.
I've just fished these out from my kitchen draw and one's from 2010 and the other's from 2011.
Each cheque says * If this document is presented to your bank or building society within 6 months H.M. Revenue & Customs will pay:*

These cheques are now beyond the 6 months deadline now.
Do they still have to honour these cheques and how do I go about claiming them back seeing they're both from me overpaying tax?
Another question is I think there was one more which I can't find, would H&M R&C have a record of this or do I need to find physical evidence before they can pay up for the other one (That's if it exists as I said I'm not sure)

Please any help would be welcome as I needed this money in the past and need it now more so any pointers would be welcomed.


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Unfortunately you've missed the boat - HMRC will only honour cheques which are presented within 6 months. After that, they are no longer valid. I don't know if it's possible to claim again for the tax you overpaid, but you would certainly need evidence to even begin to do so. Sorry not to have better news for you.
Question Author
Thanks topkat.
What is the reason they wouldn't reissue it as there must be a million reasons why some people miss their deadline?
They still have my money which is owed to me and which I badly need, surely there must be something I can do, surely they can't get away with this legal theft and what do they do with all the unclaimed money which people want to claim back?
Unfortunately, they're the government and they make the rules! If someone doesn't cash the cheque in time, then the Treasury gets to keep the money. Unfair, eh? But then, who said the tax system was fair!
You shouldn't have a problem.

Write to the address on the letter enclosing the last cheque, explain you've not presented the cheques, and ask them to reissue them.

You could ask them to pay direct into your bank account - could be a better option?
topKat - do you have a link saying the money is forfeited - in all my years, I've never seen this happen. Something new, perhaps?
Why not send them back prominently endorsed "Cancelled" and ask for replacements? After all, they still owe you the money.
Question Author
Topkat, that does sound like something they'd do but then couldn't I tell them if I underpay tax, if they don't get the money from me within 6 months my family treasury will keep the money owed? I'd probably still go to prison forthat knowing them but this seems like too blatant a theft.

Venator I have a bank account and wonder why they don't do it the electronic and overall a greener route due to saved paper used and vans driven etc.. Unless they do this on purpose knowing they can claim back millions in unclaimed cheques as topkat has said.

Venator and Bigjack, in my experience sending back mail to these types of extremely busy people would months if not years and that's if the cheques do not get lost in the post or lost or forgotten within their system.

Isn't there a way to do this online or on the phone?
never had your problem...(not pay in a cheque????are you mad?????) but over the last six months or so, every time I have spoken to HMRC once I have got through to a person they have been the souls of helpfulness and I am not joking, complex stuff, stupid questions (mine) you name it, they have sorted try giving them a call....
If you have a look at there are various ways of making contact including email, phone etc. You may stand your best chance of a sympathetic response if you ring. Before you do so, get together all the paperwork you can, (including the cheques you found) so you can give all the relevant information. It's certainly worth a try - good luck!
Question Author
Thanks for the answers.

I don't feel that confident but anything's worth a go as you just never know and as some of you have said you might just get that lucky chance and someone sympathetic to talk to.

I'll come back with an update of the end result as this may be able to help someone else in this situation.

Thanks all.
Paying direct to your bank is their preferred method if they have your details. They really don't want the bother of issuing cheques which (epithet deleted as I'm feeling kind today) customers lose or can't be bothered to bank.

When you submit a tax return (online or by post) you get the option to give your details

I'm sure they will replace them if asked
Cant you just play dumb and make out you never received them?
Hmrc will definitely reissue a cheque that hasn't been cashed. You won't need to argue about it in any way. Relax and just explain what's happened, there won't be any difficulty.
TopKat is talking nonsense. As Tom says, if they've issued a cheque in the first place, they will definitely issue a replacement unless information subsequently has changed the value. Either way it doesn't lapse forever once six months pass.

The HMRC do tend to be very helpful once you actually speak to a human.

Hamfan, they will use electronic banking for repayments if they have your info but are not psychic. If you didn't tell them your bank account details at any point they can't send it direct.
So have they reissued your cheque?
I moved out of the country and received the letter with the cheque I was supposed to cash by 15th december so I am phoning tomorrow.
Any advice?
Just to inform others who might read this post. I phoned the landline and the person I talked to was very nice.
She asked me to send the cheque back and give them my bank details so they pay me without issuing another cheque.
I hope my English is good enough to be understood.

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Help needed asap regarding tax repayments from H&M Revenue and Customs

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