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Borrowing Money

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AB Editor | 12:08 Thu 08th Dec 2011 | Business & Finance
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I've *never* borrowed money, full stop. Unless you include a mortgage- which was paid off years early.
Can it be classed as 'borrowing' if you know you won't pay it back?
factor: very good point!
I've borrowed money on credit cards knowing that, unless I could find a job quickly, I wouldn't be able to meet the repayments. (My middle name is 'Micawber'!). But I'm still happy to slowly repay the capital without the interest (as I've been doing for years).

So I'm not sure whether that counts or not!
However I've 'lent' money to people in the near certainty that I'd never get it back.
How do you manage to not pay back any interest?
I have borrowed money instead of using capital before, particularly when buying a car 0% always seems attractive to me. Always had enough in savings to pay it back though.
All of the UK's credit card companies will suspend interest payments, and accept repayments of the outstanding at a considerably reduced level, if a lender returns the card and explains why they can no longer afford the repayments.
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Borrowing Money

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