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Cash Machine Cloned

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milly143 | 14:56 Wed 24th Aug 2011 | Business & Finance
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I have heard various rumours that the cash machine (and possibly card reader in the garage) have been cloned. What exactly does that mean? That when I used my card in the machine my card details could have been copied?


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Yes... It means somebody has put a cloning device into the cash machine so it can copy the cards details and pin number so they can fraudently take money out of the account. It happened to me the other week. My card was cloned but thankfully my bank found out before they had managed to take anything out of it. They then stopped my card and sent me a new one out with a new card number and security code on it.

If you are worried this has happened speak to your bank and ask them to stop your card and send you out a new one .
The card rather than the machine would be cloned. If they can clone the machine complete with notes, they can leave a few with me, complete with cloned key for access :-)

Never use a machine that looks as if it has been tampered with, or which you don't recognise as legitimate.
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Well thats annoying isn't it.

I use the machine all the time and it didn't look any different the other day but they've had all sorts of problems with it recently so it's hardly been in use. Will have to try and keep an eye on my account which won't be easy as i'm going away tomorrow.
If that concerned you can always ask your bank to stop your existing card and issue another. But as you are going away that may be more trouble than it's worth, well if you want to use the card whilst away, anyway.
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That's what I was thinking OG. With going away until the bank holiday I can't really be without my card on the off chance that it might have been cloned. Ordinarily I could live without one for a few days but I'm not taking a big pile of cash out to walk around with all weekend in my bag.
Take a friend who has loads of money, with you ;-)
the machine isnt cloned, but they place a little device that copies your data over the slot, so you cant tell.
Try to use the cash machines inside the bank or building society. There's far less chance of them being tampered with.
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I did wonder on the wording, it's just how I was told it.

It's not a cash point at a bank. It's one at the petrol station in the village and is the only one around for miles so it's relied on heavily.
Just a point Milly, NEVER let your card out of your view, when using the hole in the wall, just try / look at the at the underside of the cabinet to make sure its all tight, it's been know for false front's to be inserted with a camera that takes your details. Untrue! you had better believe it.
A friend of mine had her card cloned at a local garage took quite a bit of her money. The garage is now closed down.
those that steal your details also need your pin number, so when you are keying in your pin, hide your fingers with your other hand, then it cant be read by the pinhole camera that can be placed above the cash machine to see you entering the pin number

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Cash Machine Cloned

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