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How do you get clarification when taking minutes?

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Thebestfriend | 17:38 Wed 06th Jul 2011 | Business & Finance
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I'm currently undertaking a business admin qualification. Part of this is to take minutes. How do you get clarification when taking minutes bar asking?


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You will have to ask for clarification.
it is the job of the minute taker to get the clarification of key points, it cannot be done without asking.
If asking is difficult for whatever reason, perhaps it may be possible to agree with someone eg the chair of the meeting, some kind of signal that clarification is required, and he/she could summarise for the minutes, or even ask someone else to do this. From experience, it is highly likely that if the minute taker is not sure, there will be someone else who would appreciate further clarification as well!
Another possibility is to learn shorthand and record verbatim, and then seek clarification after the meeting.

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How do you get clarification when taking minutes?

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