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Is This Us Company Entitled To Charge Me Vat?

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221b | 21:33 Wed 18th Dec 2013 | Business
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Just bought some online photo software [through digital download] direct from an American company.

They have charged me VAT, which I know some companies can do, if they're in the EU, but this is the States, so I'd like to know if they're legit.

They're VAT number is: VAT ID EU826011714

How can I find out if this is theirs and not just a made-up set of figures?!

I know about the site where you can verify EU member states' numbers, but obviously, they're not EU to start with...

Many thanks



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This seems to provide some answers, although this isn't the company I was purchasing from:

Still seems odd to me...
it seems pretty clear to me - you bought the goods and they were supplied to you in the UK, therefore they are subject to VAT, no matter they were delivered from USA

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Is This Us Company Entitled To Charge Me Vat?

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