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Onwards And Downwards Continues In July 2015

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ABAuntie | 13:28 Mon 06th Jul 2015 | Weight Loss & Dieting
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Onwards and Downwards Continues in July 2015

Hello all,

Sorry it is so late.

Welcome to this month's Onwards & Downwards. We welcome anyone serious about losing weight and we offer support and kind thoughts - not magic fixes, just sensible help.

I hope you are enjoying the gorgeous weather and getting out there.

Seasonal goodies for July include cherries, cucumber, apricots and loads of other yummy fruits and veggies.

Many of these can be eaten by themselves as a tasty snack or you can mix them up as a salad.

Here is a yummy looking tabbouleh salad:

Or how about runner beans and bacon:

Don't forget your weekly weigh on Wednesday and remember we don't judge!

Here is last months thread


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Down 0.6 lbs.
08:11 Wed 08th Jul 2015
Morning all. Had forgotten it was weigh in Wednesday. According to the record it seems I dropped 1.2 lbs over the week, but that said I note it went unexpectedly up the 24 hours before last week's Wednesday weighing and has unexpectedly dropped over the last 24 hours.
Maydup well done with holiday ect. To maintain your weight .

OG Looks like you may have had a good start again .

237SJ. No not tried it but all diets are easy the first few days that is why we try to keep to a plan of health eating . What suits one person on these diets don't suit everyone but hope you get on well with it .cutting down on carbs is a good start .
Keep us informed how you do .
Good afternoon all,

Just finished two rounds of physio and therefore late here. Still having problems getting weighed. Having not lived at home for two months gives a few problems in getting back to normal.

Never mind,take it easy and you'll soon be mended.
Question Author
Morning all,

Just about to do the new thread so have a tea break for 5 mins :-)

auntie xxx

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