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Leapers | 16:45 Mon 08th Nov 2010 | Relationships & Dating
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HI people

I bought a little nurses outfit over the summer and wore it once and by boyfriend has requested i wear it for him again tonight but the first time i was really nervous and don't think i was very god at it as i felt like i looked like a right Snag! But this time i want to be a little more confident, any tips for this?? Or how do i fake my confidence??



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''i looked like a right Snag!''

I don't have a nurse outfit so kindly withdraw the above statement.
"... i looked like a right Snag!"

I knew it. He's a dark-horse that one.
If it makes you feel uncomfortable try something else....may be a housemaid or something...quick flick of a feather duster round his ornaments might be easier to act out.....
"I don't have a nurse outfit so kindly withdraw the above statement."

Oh, Have you sold it to Leapers then?
<Feels quite disturbed by some of the phrasing in this question> :-/

Just put it on and enjoy yourself, I think it's probably more the costume he'll enjoy than your medical knowledge.... And if he annoys you then just tell him that your actual medical specialism is andrology, it tends to shut most men up ;0)
I find my TT umpire's uniform does the trick.......I can be quite bossy wearing the blazer......
He'll need it back for 4-6 weeks sometime next year, apparently............:o)
Watch a few "Benny Hill" sketches. For full effect, ensure comedy music is playing in the background whilst you chase your boyfriend around the bedroom.
'He'll need it back for 4-6 weeks sometime next year, apparently............:'

^^^ <Tries to think of witty comeback and fails>
Question Author
Haha sorry Snags i think that must be some magic editing they have on here as i actually wrote t-w-a-t (i hope it comes outas its meant to this time!) and china i think my medical knowledge is a little bit better than my acting skills in the outfit anyway. I am cooking his dinner first, not that you see many nurses cooking for their 'patients' but oh well will give me time to calm slightly and hopefully counts as looking after him!
Your confidence should come from the fact that your bf has ASKED you to wear it again. He liked it!!! You might think you look a Snag but he obviously didn't.

Make a fuss of the "patient", mop his fevered brow, cook him dinner, take his temperature (orally!!!) and then prescribe a nice massage. I'd also have a couple of glasses of wine beforehand.

Question Author
Thanks Barmaid hadn't thought about it that way, forget about the wine may start on the vodka now!! He must have liked it the first time you are right otherwise he woul never ask me to do it again!!! Thanks
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Did you never play doctors and nurses Raggy?
Do the nurses in your local hospital dress in outfits like that? if not, I shouldn't wear it. Your bloke is a fantasist and will slowly get bored with the real you.

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