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Friends - How Honest are You & when a new girl comes!!

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_sophie_ | 20:14 Wed 20th Oct 2010 | Relationships & Dating
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I know this might sound really weird but how honest are you with your friends? If you didn't want to do something they did do you just completely say 'no I don't want to go' or do you make up an excuse? I have been thinking alot lately and find that with my sister for example, if her friend asks her to, lets just say, go shopping but my sister didn't want to she would just say 'aw no sorry I don't really need to go' and her friend would be fine with that but with my friends I noticed we just do it even if we don't want to. My friend asked me to go shopping today and I actually did want to so I said yes but it made me realise that we always just say yes to please each other. I don't know, sometimes I just feel like I'm not myself around them and I'm completely different at home and wish I could just be like I am at home with them.. I dunno it's weird, except this one girl let's call her number 1 haha, i'm pretty close to her and we have our girlie chats but now this other girl (number 2) has smuggled her way into our group and number 1 is completely different when she's around.. I liked it before and I like number 2 sometimes but other times she's a pain in the backside. Anyyyyway don't even know what I'm asking here.. guess I just had to write it down or something?!?! I sound like a lunatic lol i'm going to shut up now


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I never have a problem saying no to anything I don't want to do or indulge in.

You have to do what will make you comfortable and happy, and what's right.
I'm usually quite honest and just say nope, can't be arsed.

This is why I don't like girls. So fickle! Including me.
I think it depends on the friends - how sensitive they are, how secure you are with the friendship and how likely they are to throw a strop if they don't get their way. I have friends that I feel obligated to do things with even though I don't want to - they're usually newer friends that I'm not sure how they would react, or friends I know well and know they would take the huff. On the other hand, with my best friends I will do what suits me most of the time as will they and there'll be no hard feelings. I do the pleasing thing a lot less than I used to though, I think as you get older you are less inclined to waste your time on spoilt people. I think maybe friend #1 is as unsure of friend #2 as you are. Maybe she thinks you are different round #2 as well. It'll settle down as you become more comfortable with her and get to know how she'll react to things.
I rarely do things i don't want to, I would have to really care for the person in question to do something I don't feel like doing.
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Friends - How Honest are You & when a new girl comes!!

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