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What does it mean when your girlfriend doesnt tlak to you sometimes?

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MasterBrief | 05:54 Thu 12th Nov 2009 | Relationships & Dating
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Ok so I've been with my girlfriend for almost 3 months now and lately she sometimes wont answer her phone or reply to texts and I know that she is busy sometimes she has a lot going on. But just today, I didnt talk to her last night but today at 6 I talked to her through text for about 20 mins then at around 7 she got on msn and I tried to get a hold of her on there and she didnt respond she didnt respond to the texts to her phone either so then at nine I called and it sounded like she got my call and then didnt take it because usually it take 40 seconds to get to the voicemail and this was only like 20 if that means anything then I tried calling 3 times after about 10-15 mins apart and she didnt answer. Until about 10 she was on msn now Idk if she was at the computer or not but this is really getting at me cuz its not like shes ignoring me cuz we talk but then this happens and it makes me wonder. any help would be great.


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Well I am a woman 22 years of age. Have you said anything to her that would hurt her feelings? Could you be coming around to much? If a woman feel that connecting between the two she would do anything in her power to stay in contact. Maybe you should let her have her time along for right now than try to come back around. I hopw this work but that is what I think that could be. thank you and keep it update to see how its going
back off - you're too full on (my d'ter says that about similar behaviour).

Her latest, (hopeful pop-star) said "have me when I'm free - 'cause am doing gigs!" Yep.....the room was blue with expletives & phone switched off :o(
As been mentioned above....back off. If you seem too desperate, she will run a mile. Regarding the not answering texts every so often, that's what they do. it's to test you.
Find a new girlfriend
Ilm gonna be honest here. If you were my boyfriend I would tell you to back off!! Calm down and eventually tell you to leave me alone all together. Is there a reason you are calling, texting her this much. Do you need to? Unless it is an emergency or you do actually need to ask her something then just wait till you're together to talk.
That would do my head in. My BF phones me 2 or 3 times a day but only when he's waiting around at work with nothing to do. If I don't answer he doesn't ring back and he doesn't ask me why I didn't answer.

Text tennis is boring.
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Texting. It should never have been invented. A sure way to ruin relationships!!
good god i'd still be running for the hills
Texting is handy. I don't phone Ginger unless I really need to but if it's just a query I'll send him a text and he'll ring when he's free.

He texts me every morning wishing me a good day...
Yes, it's handy ummmm, but some kids these days seem to use it instead of conversation. Text, text, text all day long!! Mobile phones, texts, all have their place but they can be very intrusive. I should think MasterBrief's girlfriend want's some privacy and 'me' time. If I text Mr LL he never replies because he hasn't got the hang of texting yet!

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What does it mean when your girlfriend doesnt tlak to you sometimes?

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