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What does she think that I want?

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ThatGirl | 16:33 Tue 23rd Jun 2009 | Relationships & Dating
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A girl (Lisa) found me on MySpace and we got talking over MSN. I told her I had a girlfriend, so she settled on talking dirty instead. I was planning on breaking up with my GF so I flirted back. I suggested meeting up with her a number of times but she'd cancel. During this time I broke up with my girlfriend. Lisa got back into contact so I suggested we meet, but then either she or I would cancel. This was frustrating so we'd argue, stop talking for a while then start to MSN again. Sometimes I'd tell her that we weren't going to have sex to get her reaction and she'd switch off her MSN. We eventually did meet for a coffee and she was stunning, I even sent her a text two minutes after we departed telling her so. But when I suggested we meet up again she said she wasn't free for a week. So I ignored her for a while. Eventually I met someone at the gym but occasionally still MSN Lisa. I told Lisa about the girl I'd met, but she was cool. She would even help me out with advice on the relationship. After six months I fell in love with the girl (Sheila) But out of boredom I signed into MSN when Lisa was on and casually asked her if she still wanted to sleep with me, but before she answered, I told her straight that I'd fallen in love with the girl I'd met. So she cuss me out. She said I was repressed and that's why another girl had dumped me and that I was probably just another one of those white guys (she's black) who go to Africa (I'm white brought up in Africa) and make it worse. Then told me to get rid of her details and never contact her again. We stopped MSN-ing but I never got rid of her contact details. So a year later I decided to sent her a Friends Request on Facebook, which she accepted, but two months later neither of us has broken the ice.
Now do you think that I sent the friends request as a booty call?
That I sent it because I want a relationship with her?


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I think you would take sex if it was on offer - which does not appear to be the case.

If Lisa was interested in any kind of relationship, she would have responsed after you met - but she didn't.

If you are in love with your girlfriend, then casual sex with internet contacts is not adviseable, so I would just leave it.

Delete Lisa off your computer - and your mind.
God, I hate when that happens.
I meant when someone makes a typo in a response

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What does she think that I want?

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