Couples with children - do you feel sorry for couples with none or envy them?

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eggnoglatte | 23:32 Sat 13th Jun 2009 | Relationships & Dating
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Odd question I appreciate but when you see couples who don't have kids do feel sorry for them or envy them?


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Why would u feel sorry for them? You don't know their circumstances.

I am 40 and have no children and don't want any either..I certainly don't want anybody feeling sorry for me, it was my choice!

Then again, you could see a couple who have been trying for a baby for 20+ years and are gutted that they haven't conceived...

You can't judge if you don't know.
I'm also 40 and about to have my first child, although it was never really in my life plan to have a family, I have enjoyed my freedom and independence greatly over the years.

Everyone is different and I neither feel sorry for nor envy childless couples, it's a personal choice and better to have none, if they are really going to be unwanted and unloved.
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No Goodbye, should have been here today. I have to have a sweep next Friday if no sign next week.
I dont think kids are everyones choice, especially for women today. Stable relationships are not guaranteed, especially with the freedom & independance of women now. Kids are the ultimate sufferers when the parents break-up.

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am not criticising anyone gbg....I know its difficult to keep a marriage alive today. My son & daughter both over 30 are unwed but independant & financially secure; they're both afraid of commitment & losing half their assets to failed relationships. I feel, my struggled marriage could have put them off marriage & kids.
Thanks Goodbye. What did you do with the diluted Rescue Remedy solution? Can it be drunk?
a long relaxing soak in the bath should start you off V. In my day we had our pubes shaved - be prepared ;)
I dont really have any opinion of them egg to be honest, why would I envy them if I chose to have children? if you are referring to the early years being difficult, it comes and goes, before you know it you are having a laugh with them and enjoying your family.

plenty of time in life to be alone
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thanks everyone

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Couples with children - do you feel sorry for couples with none or envy them?

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