School crush ten years on?

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sam100 | 23:05 Mon 30th Apr 2007 | Relationships & Dating
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When i was younger i was really friendly with this one boy at my school. We fancied each other like mad but being young etc we never plucked up the courage to tell each other instead we had a friend who played piggy in the middle to the both of us listening to how much we liked each other...
Anyway, ten years on after we both moved away i got in contact with the mutual friend via the internet who i still speak to occassionally. Next i get an email from the boy i mentioned above who is now a man and we both had a bit of a giggle about old times as you do...
Since then communication has been nearly every day and i have been invited to stay at his if i am ever in his neck of the woods (which im not).
He is planing to visit the place where we both lived this summer and has dropped hints that he would love to bump into me.

What do my fellow Abers think? Best left as a school crush as we have both grown up now and live hundreds of miles apart or what?


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This is so familiar to me. I don't think there is any harm in meeting up for a drink, but from my own experiences it was a mistake. But you only live once! Goodluck
Hi Sam, I would go for it. btw, I had a huge crush on an ex boyfriend from mine, going back over 20 yrs! (how sad huh) lol, I bumped into him a couple of years ago. Lets just say, the crush disappeared just like that!

Good luck, and let us know how you got on x
I guess it depends if your both single or married with kids etc...? Like Wilson said, you only live once, but sometimes the past is best left right where it is, on the other hand it will be all the 'what ifs.............' couldnt you take the 'mutual friend with you? x Good luck and let us know how it goes : )
Go and meet him. Just don't have high expectations.
see how it goes but I know my school crushes I've got in contact with and they are either gay or god damm ugly
your back then,CURLYPERM.where have you been,i need a explanation,please.
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Thanks everyone for replies so far! I know what he looks like now so no probs with him being hideous!
just not sure to meet him or not as it means flying to another country where we all lived once.
We both seem to be the same people just a bit older and i must admit a bit of flirting has taken part since we have spoken again. Neither of us are married and no kids so maybe i should meet him this summer?
I think you've answered your own question there sam100.. Your both adults, single and no kids.. Go meet the guy or you will regret it. Maybe for the rest of your life. What have you got to lose? Good luck and all the best
Speaking as someone that has recently got together with someone thaty had a huge crush on me 15 years ago I'd say have fun and see what happens.
yes definately go for it - if you dont you may spend your life thinking 'what if'!! it may not lead to anything, you may decide you dont like him or you may just be happy to keep friends.
I bumped into my old school crush 15 years after leaving school! We got married 4 years ago and now have a baby !

Go for it Sam !!

(No working out old I am from that ! )
Hey Norman! (sorry sam) ive been nowhere??? i stick to my own categories not like you wandering about all over the shop poking your nose in here there and everywhere| isnt there someone in Motoring whose been doing 32 in a 30 zone that you can go read the riot act (or indeed the highway code to?) lol How are ye ? heheheheh

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School crush ten years on?

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