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Slighty embarrased by this... didn't know who to ask? lol

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Cinderella16 | 23:37 Sun 17th Dec 2006 | Relationships & Dating
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Quite simple:
Can women ejaculate from anal stimulation?


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yes they can
Iggy's right, yeah they can
i need video proof before i believe it ! !
Most definatly. There is another "g" spot up there. Its a very intense form of orgasm im led to believe.
yep they can, if the angle is right, and depending on slackness of the anal or vaginal passage. If a girl will do it through vaginal stimulation she is just as likely to do it through anal sex because the pressure will be on the same spot but funnily enough sometime more intensely, through anal sex.
ohh yes!!,,but that need to be done very kindly

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Slighty embarrased by this... didn't know who to ask? lol

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