For Single Folks: What Has Been Your Main Obstacles To Trying To Find A Relationship?

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MM305 | 05:22 Sat 08th Aug 2020 | Relationships & Dating
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Could it be you not having any experience in dating?

Could it be that you have dated but they went horribly (of so, why)?

Could it be that you don’t have the luxuries to maintain a relationship (money, job, transportation)?

Pretty much, why do you think you haven’t been able to get a boyfriend/girlfriend?


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Perhaps a single person is happy without having to put up with another person constantly in their are assuming that everyone wants to conform to the same pattern for their lives... and that just isn't true. It is like the assumption that everyone wants to have children everyone doesn't.
I've been on my own since I lost my Vera in 2011. I have friends of both genders, I'm happy enough.
As a younger man, low self esteem and a fear of rejection. Nowadays, I couldn't give two hoots, I'm quite happily single.
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MallyJ- I don’t think that every single man has to be in a relationship. If they are happy being single, then be happy being single.

But I do know there are some men who want to be in a relationship, but can’t seem to get one. That’s why I ask what is the obstacle that they are facing when trying to find one?

Ken4155 - What is contentment?
Any chap who is involuntarily single needs to take a long hard look at his own personality.....
Are you on the lookout for a nice chap then, JtH ...

LoL....I don't think Mrs JtH would take too kindly to that....even if it were likely. :o)
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What are you saying when you say someone needs to look at their own personality?

Is that saying that the single person themself is the reason for them being single (maybe because they are constantly being mean to someone or doing something wrong)?
14.46 Some might do a lot better now with their face masks on.
Often the issue can be trying too hard,instead of going with the flow and mixing and meeting with lots of different people in different situations everything becomes all about whether a new introduction may be 'The one'.

Relax and often things come to you.
MM - Like people who can't seem to maintain a relationship. Maybe the problem is them.
People who are insecure/intense/paranoid/bonkers transmit that consciously or unconsciously to those around them.
I have been single since 2014 when my wife died and have never sought to replace her.I would be constantly making comparisons and that would not be a basis for any kind of relationship. Incidentally it is something that I would never consider/.
I liked being single. I've never been single for long though.
Oops, should be 2004.
I just don't want to be hurt again.
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Is there is anyone “involuntarily single” who can answer the struggles/obstacles they have finding a relationship?

I do know there are more of those that exists.
They might have personality flaws.
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Like what?

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For Single Folks: What Has Been Your Main Obstacles To Trying To Find A Relationship?

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