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wolshouse | 13:10 Wed 16th Mar 2011 | Body & Soul
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My eyes are changing rapidly due to catarracts. My new prescription (until I have a catarract op.) is only necessary for medium and short distances. My long distance has improved almost beyond belief. The optician says I cannot have varifocal lens with a plain glass at the top and prescription parts for the medium and short sight.
Has anyone else come across this problem. The solution suggested is an occupational lens, i.e. lens for medium and short sight, but I would have to look over them for long distance or take them off.
Any help would be appreciated.


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Have you been referred for cataract surgery or is your optometrist monitoring the cataracts untilyour vision meets your local referral crtieria on the NHS?

Either way, if your prescription is rapidly changing why bother spending a lot of money on varifocals if your prescription is rapidly changing? How long will these spectacles last you and at what expense? Why not some cheap single vision specs until you have your surgery.

I assume you where long sighted previously and due to the myopic shift in your prescription due to sclerosis of the lens your distance and near prescriptions have reduced. If this is the case and your prescription continues to change 'rapidly' then in the near future you may become slightly short sighted and your distance vision worses again.

If your correction is changing quickly and you are on the waiting list get some cheap spectacles for use as required if this is manageable for you.
As an extra thought your optician could give a very low distance correction at the top if you do look at varifocals or even pre-empt a change and prescribe accordingly. You can ask if they are happy to do this?
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York 310: Many thanks for your answer. I had new lens this week and turned them down as I could see better long distance without them.I think the optician had given me a very low distance correction, but it still made things blurred. I have been referred for surgery and will have to wait approx. three months, so I think your suggestion is good that I buy single lens for reading. As I mentioned before I could also have a lens that will cover near and medium distance. Things are getting a bit tricky now as my husband also has catarracts that are proving a problem so shall be glad when at least one of mine is sorted. Thanks again.

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