Tumble Dryer making me cough and wheeze

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BillyBB | 23:37 Sun 14th Nov 2010 | Body & Soul
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Just got a condensing dryer and when emptying it and cleaning the filter it seems to make me wheeze and cough.
Is it possible very fine fibres are ejected into the room to do this? Does anyone else suffer like this?
We are not getting any condensation, it seems to trap all the water nicely.


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Do you use scented fabric softeners? It could also be an allergic reaction.
I'm sure there was something on The One Show not too long ago with Dom Littlewood where he said that the filter at the front that gathers the fluff & stuff can cause allergic reactions. Can't remember too much about it but it did cause me to empty my filter straight away.
I do get fluff coming out of my filter - you don't see it at the time, but it gathers around the kitchen.
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Thanks folks. Am using Surcare powder and conditioner but the first cycle we did was towels so none in that yet still made me wheeze.
It will have to live in the garage.
Shouldn't use fabric conditioner on towels - it makes them less absorbant and causes them to shed fibres (hence, your problem).

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Tumble Dryer making me cough and wheeze

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