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Constipation help!!

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bekib86 | 12:47 Thu 01st Apr 2010 | Body & Soul
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Hi, I had an Op last Thursday and have not been to the toilet since. I only usually go every other day normally, the last time i went was last tuesday, so this is day 9. After my op i had 30mg morphine and i know that can make you constipated. Im on a huge concoction of pills im taking all day everyday. Im not in any pain with my stomach.

Ive taken full dose lactulose since the op and senna. Ive been drinking fresh orange like its going out of fashion. Have tried glycerol suppositories but still nothing. I held it for an hour, didnt feel like i needed to go but my stomach was making noises so thought id try. Sat and loo and thought ui had sucess but no, it was just water, guessing just the suppository that had dissolved. dont know how many you can take in a day, it doesnt say on packet

Any help please! xxx


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try eating sweetcorn

I swear by it when pregnant
you also have to increase your fluids,and try and walk about if you can,if you are feeling uncomfortable which i bet you are go back to your doctors who might give you a self enema medication
Are you in pain?

After giving birth I didn't go for about two weeks....
I'm full of cr@p and I use exlax chocs.
Are you drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water per day? I also find coffee works well too. Good luck.
Prunes and good old epsom salts might do the trick. A curry or two would not go amiss either!
lots of water and fruit. walking around helps.
ask your doc if he can prescribe movicol
Pumpkin Seeds!
Nettle tea is good and totally natural.
Black coffee, black coffee, black coffee & more black coffee for more or less instant success.
Two spoons of Andrews in half a glass of water. Stir until very fizzy and drink straight down.
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Thanks I'll try some of them. Currently waiting for suppository number 2 to work, not holding my breathe.

I'm not in any pain surprisingly, only from my op even though I'm on tons of medication.

Thanks for help. Will go drs if no joy in few days!

Thanks again xx
I swear by pure bran - it is like straw - you can get it in a supermarket for about 50p. It is absolutely brilliant. Put it on soups or in your case to get it in quickly I would put it into a yogurt or a glass of milk. Hurry and get it - BRILLIANT
alpen x
Have you actually been eating 'proper' food, beki? Silly question, I know, but nothing in ... nothing out.
Get some brown sugar, 3 tablespoons, and boil some water then add the sugar to the water, let it simmer for few minutes and drink it when cool, that should help things moving
Nutty muesli does it for me ; )

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Constipation help!!

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