Veruca or splinter?

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matt_london | 09:11 Thu 18th Mar 2010 | Body & Soul
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I have got a very painfull big toe. The pain comes from the underside of the toe and there is a tiny black dot at the sore point. It looks like a small splinter or a black head. Could it be a veruca? I am tempted to dig it out like I would a splinter but not sure !!
Please help!!


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it really could be a verruca. show it to your pharmacist.

what a horrible job!
I dont know about anyone else but I wouldnt go into a pharmacist and get my feet out to show them my toe lol
a verruca's a wart - it actually sounds as if it could be a splinter if it's appeared suddenly. Personally I'd have a dig and see what happened, or put some magnesium sulphate paste on it to see if it draws something out.
Veruccas don't tend to be all that painful -if it's red then I think its more likely a splinter. Have a dig and then put some tcp on it or something like that.
Please go to your Doctor with this ,I don't wish to frighten or panic you but it could be something more serious .Good luck .
Veruccas are usually painful when you first get up in a morning as the blood drains out overnight and back in when you stand up.
Veruccas usually hurt if they are squeezed rather than having direct pressure applied to them.
Most people can self refer themselves to the NHS Podiatry Service without going to see there Gp first.
Yes you can but they'll charge you. About £25 a session.
Be cheaper just to get some verucca gel,if it doesn't work then it probably isn't one and it won't do any harm surely?

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Veruca or splinter?

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