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One eye - red / tiredness

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squidgster | 21:46 Mon 01st Mar 2010 | Body & Soul
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Over the past few weeks I have noticed that I have woken up with a reddish right eye on a few occasions (4 or 5 times maybe). It's not badly bloodshot but enough to notice, and is mainly in the lower half of my eye. Generally I can't feel it and it doesn't hurt at all. But, you know what you're eyes feel like when you're really, really tired, and it's an effort to keep them open? I'm also getting that in just my right eye when I've got this red eye thing. It's like it right now, which is what prompted me to ask.

Lots of things I have read after Googling it suggest various eye conditions like conjunctivitis etc - but as it doesn't hurt at all I don't think it can be. I think the first time I put it down to being particularly tired, but it's happened a few times when I've slept well and don't feel tired. It's only my right eye at the moment. Any ideas at all what may cause it?

Thanks very much!


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Does it feel gritty when you wake up? Could you have a dry eye complaint? Could you be sleeping with your eyes partially open? Have you tried lubrication for your eyes before you sleep such as lacrilube?
Is it itchy? This could be a sign of allergic response.
Lots of possibilities. You could have them examined by an optometrist or even go and see your gp.
Are your lashes sticking together in the morning and crusty ? If so could be conjunctivitis. If you cant get to GP any pharmacist will help you in the chemist.
This may sound silly but your eye could have caught a draught which might caused the eye-redness.
Follow the advice of york 310
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Thanks for your relplies.

I don't get any sort of discomfort with it apart from when it feels much more tired than my left eye in the evenings. So I would think maybe dry eye or perhaps sleeping with my eye(s) partially open could be possibilities. I'll see how it goes and go and see someone if it continues or gets worse!


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One eye - red / tiredness

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