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taz04 | 20:30 Wed 17th Feb 2010 | Body & Soul
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i don't and have never smoked cannabis but i get major munchies!!! it is so annoying and can't settle until I've 'munched'. Does anyone have ANY ideas about it?


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yes - malteasers and monstermunch
most people will find they have a craving for something or other now and again.

your body will usualy tell you when it needs something.

it is well documented that pregnant women get cravings for all maner of strange things.

for instance bednobs i would suggest your body needs sugar now and again hence the malteasers and monster munch cravings you get.
I get the premenstrual munchies and eat chocolate.

My cat is on steroids and gets the munchies - he likes Felix and tuna.
chocolate gives you feelings of comfort.
Are you on any medication? Do you eat properly generally in consideration of your activity level etc...?

I used to feel almost constantly empty (and other symptoms) and turned out I have malabsorbtion. Since I've been on the medication it's made a huge difference
I used to munch a box of Malteasers no problem, until I found out I am Diebetic, now I only eat 3-4 a day, Malteasers that is, not boxes. Waaaaaahhhh.
i get munchies all the time, cheese and meat, oh and the odd choc and cake related munchie attack!
I must have led a sheltered life- what has this got to do with cannabis, taz?
cannabis makes you hungry apparently, not meaning to be rude, but are you a 'large' person Taz, if not, dunno, if you are you maybe cut down on food and your stomach is rebelling, just keep eating healthily and it'll calm down when your stomach shrinks back down to a normal size... i'd really need more info tbh....?? :-S and sorry if I offend...
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my body craves food after quite a few things, none of which involve cannabis. .
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HAHA!! these comments are legendary! yes i am a large person... and yes i have dramatically changed the amount i eat, what, when etc. but i have had the munchies before i changed diet. I am a veggie, muchies on tortillas. I am not offended hehe.
I use to smoke to help me sleep. I stopped when I resorted to emptying the crumbs from the toaster.

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