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bubbles4920 | 19:47 Fri 18th Dec 2009 | Body & Soul
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how do you survive living with the inlaws for a month, they never go out, yes, i know we can go out., we cant even sit and read or watch tv as they keep talking, ahhhhhhhhhhgggggggggghhhhhhh!


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is it temporary? stick a TV in your bedroom and hide!
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maybe they are lonely and feel so happy and excited you're around. they want to keep you entertained. lol
read or pretend to be reading.
eats lots of garlic, buy some curry takeaways. this usuallly works for me. eats lots of baked beans. get the picture
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Just be thankful you have somewhere warm to live in this cold weather, there are thousands that would like to be in your place whom sleep in cardboard boxes in shop doorways. Thank your in-laws for inviting you into their home, you have the rest of your life to watch TV. Shame on you.
Never mind the in-laws - my own mother is bad enough. I don't envy you bubbles.

If it's only for a month, grin and bear it, and do as Sara suggests - put a telly in your bedroom.
A month is a very short time to put up with such inconvenience, especially when your in-laws have been good enough to offer you a home. Buy yourselves a few board games and take them to your bedroom for a few evenings a week , telling your in-laws that you would like to respect their privacy as they've been kind enough to offer to share their home with you. Maybe they're not overly enjoyed with having your company every night of the week either. Most adults develop their own habits which don't necessarily combine well with those of others, so just remind yourselves that you're fortunate family came to your rescue.
I bet they are counting the days when they can get rid of you.
I have been with my in laws for three years (and I can hear all you guys saying WHAT) its a lomg story, finally we are moving in the new year :)

But let me tell you as nice as they are ITS A F*CKING NIGHTMARE... never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever again.

If you can avoid it take my advise, please DO...

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