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Why are women so down about their bodies'?

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AB Editor | 01:00 Thu 22nd Feb 2007 | Body & Soul
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Why are women so down about their bodies�?

  • The media are to blame; there is far too much pressure on women to look a certain way - 37 votes
  • 64%
  • A lack of exercise and a poor diet leaves women feeling unhealthy inside which reflects on the outside - 15 votes
  • 26%
  • These women must be insecure - 6 votes
  • 10%

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I don't fully know..being a woman..reading this question kinda gave me a funky feeling...Maybe we could start asking 'how have women achieved so many great things?' or just say 'I came from a woman' love kind of eminates from our statements. Sometimes saying 'Why are you so down on yourself?' to a depressed person, just hurts, even though it was not meant to be hurtful. 'I wish you could see how beautiful you are to me.' to the same person who is down, kind of come from the same idea, expressed differently.

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Why are women so down about their bodies'?

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