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positive then negitive pregnancy test?

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smurfy666 | 00:24 Wed 15th Apr 2009 | Body & Soul
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Well my periods late, which is odd because i usually have a 28 day cycle. So first thing this morning i took a first response pregnancy test, and i got a positive reading. i had a really dark control line and a faint test line. Then i had to go to work, and when i got back i took a second test (a cheap strip test) and it was negative. So now i am confused, am i pregnant?


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Isn't there a test out now that will tell you even if you are literally only just pregnant...Ask the Chemist..
You coud be. Most testing kits are now able to detect early hormones in the urine which'd indicate whether you're pregnant or not. Did you read the first result properly? Sometimes, the fainter line which you saw is just the line showing through which might usually be more conspicuous for a positive result, but ANY double line could mean that you are. My friends've found the digital Clear Blue ones to be very good, because they either say - pregnant, or not pregnant, but leave it a day or two and then either take a urine sample into your chemist's, or have another go.
you will NOT get a positive pregnancy test if your not pregnant. congratulations xxx
False postives CAN occur.
you can get false negatives but not false positives so looks like you are pregnant. xx
seriously??????? i always thought that if the ''pregnancy'' hormone isnt there then you will not get a positive result, afterall isnt that what the testing kit picks up on? i dont think i will waste my time with them now lol
4get....not can get false + as well as false -

Cause of fit with low sensitivity.

Causes of false + miscarrage or poor testing techique

These are of the top of my head but there are other reasons.
It may be that the hormones are more concentrated in the early morning sample. I'd suggest you leave it a couple of days and try again. Good luck
Rosetta...that is a very good point, also if someone has drunk a lot of water before testing, that will dilute the hormone and give you a false negative.
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thanks very much for your answers and comments. Im going to do a test in the morning, and go to the doctors. i will keep you all informed! x x x x
Good luck smurfy and may the result be the one you wish for

Mamya ♥
Question Author
Well i did another test this morning, and its positive. So im taking it that im pregnant, which is fantastic!! All i need to do now is see my GP and get it confirmed!! :D

again thankyou all for you comments!

Brilliant news thats two in two days on here, lots of love enjoy every moment

Mamya ♥

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positive then negitive pregnancy test?

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