long plane journey - advice needed please

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shoemad | 13:05 Fri 27th Mar 2009 | Body & Soul
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I have a 15 hour plane journey in April. I'm quite a nervous flyer so a friend suggested taking a sleeping tablet so I can sleep some of the way. A work mate reckons that a valium would be more suitable as it would calm me down.
Having never taken either before , I'm not sure which is the best option.
Of course the best option would be to get a grip and not be such a scaredy cat but easier said than done!
Anyone got any advice/suggestions please?


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your best option is to see if your GP would prescribe you anything in the first instance. No point in worrying about which to take if you cant get them is there.
How about some hypnotherapy or something?
With the time I have found I have become more and more nervous about flying - never used to be. So now have to take measures when flying or I am a wreck by the time the plane lands.
Personally I'm not keen on taking loads of meds so I tend to see if I can get a night flight so I know I'll sleep most of the way or if I can only get a day flight, I will stay up the night before so I'm knackered and end up sleeping.
I have also used Kalms, herbal Nytol, Bachs rescue remedy - although not all on the same occassion.

Why don't you do a trial run at home of what you decide to take. If you've never tried Valium before you may get freaked out by being in an unfamiliar place feeling the effects of the Valium. With any meds I think it's always nice to try at home first so you know what side effects you may encounter (if any) or how it makes you feel.

Good luck with the flight, I feel for you
Tabs Phenergan 25mgms should do the trick.

P.s Remember not to take alcohol with it.
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thank you for the replies. I have done a fear of flying course so am not quite as bad as I used to be but still find myself unable to relax enough to sleep so a long plane journey seems endless.
I take Loprazolam tablets to help relax me for a flight, they are the best thing I have had to be honest and I have tried most tranqs...but they didnt quite take the edge off my deep seated fear of flying....ask your doc for some...its not a thing they like to prescribe, but they will do at a push..tell them its for flying - oh and dont let them get mixed up with LORAZEPAM which is rubbish, good luck.

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long plane journey - advice needed please

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