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pre paid nhs prescriptions - are they worth it?

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evedawn | 15:34 Wed 22nd Oct 2008 | Body & Soul
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How many items need to be dispensed in 4 months for this to be cost effecive? How many items need to be dispensed in one year for this to be cost effective? does anyone know? do you make use of this?

they advertise that the offer 3 months certificates and 12 month certificates but i'd also like to


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A prescription is �7.10 per item.

A 3 month prepaid is �27.85 .

4 items in a three month period would cost you �28.40, so 4 items or more and the 3 month prepaid is cost effective.

A 12 month is �102.80, so 15 items or more per year is cost effective
They have saved me a small fortune over the last ten years as I have three or four items a month. Often doctors will give you prescriptions for things like Ibuprufen and other meds that you can get over the counter if you tell them that you have a prepaid prescription card, so this in fact can save you even more.

Fortunately, now I am over 60 :o( I get everything free!
ethel's sums are spot on, and i totally agree with lottie. you can save yourself a fortune if you buy a 12 month one. i get paracetamol, co-codamol, and anything else you can buy over-the-counter but which is also available on prescription, when i need them. i also have two prescription-only items each month on a regular basis so the saving is pretty good. i've renewed my 12 month card every year for the last 5 years and it must have saved me loads.
so, lottie, there is something to look forward to when i hit 60?? : )
I save lots too. I believe Boots give discounts on ibuprofens and suchlike for the over-60s so even if you don't get a prescription or have a card you can still save money.
i can only echo the above. I pay by direct debit (�10 a month over 10 months)
Ethandron, I also have my 10% discount card for Focus and B&Q, 10% off at my hairdressers and a free bus pass (if we had any buses, the pass might be useful!!).

So you see, life is just wonderful now I am in my sixties!! - say's she hobbling along with her shopping trolley ;o) !!
I save loads of money with mine.

One repeat prescription for me, with all my meniere's and arthritis meds, painkillers etc... would be at least 6 items, if I bought them separately it would cost well over price of the 3 month pre-payment just for a months supply.
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thanks all of you for your input :-)

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pre paid nhs prescriptions - are they worth it?

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