sickness and diarrhoea bug

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beattie819 | 20:39 Mon 13th Oct 2008 | Body & Soul
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Have any of you got or had this EVIL bug.its the worst one I have ever had. What made you feel better , what helped? I cant eat, lucozade makes me sick, and apart from water, cant eat or drink anything else. Even the sachets"Dioralyte" made me sick! HELP!!!!!


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keep drinking fluids, it will flush the crap out of you and you will get better quicker, once you have stopped the diarrhoea and sickness you will feel very weak for a while (about a week) rest as much as possible and eat light foods.
Plenty of water is just about the only cure unfortunately - as Cazz says it will flush the bugs out of you. When you have stopped throwing up or down, then you might want to get onto the Dioralyte to replace the necessary minerals etc. If something is making you barf, then stop eating or drinking it. I remember having the worse S&D bug - in hospital of all places - after major abdominal surgery and the doctors would not give me the bung up pills (diareze etc) - they said they would delay the healing process, all I should do is drink lots of fluids, sweetened as necessary. Follow Cazz's advice, it's good.
My mum is just getting over this bug ..
she only had water..then very diluted
squash ,dry toast ..hope you get well
soon ..
oh poor u ..i could do it a bug good way to lose weight lol
I alwas find fizzy lemonade is good.
i am a district nurse,and my advice is only sip water,dont consume 2 muuch at 1 time,ur body will become a wash with fluid and u will throw up again. also if it is the virus going around at the mo it is very contagious,so put all ur cloths in the wash seperatly and sanitise all things u touch inc toilet. its called the noro virus and only last 2 days.
I wondered if something has been going round as I often have a bad tummy but it's been a lot worse over the past few days. I've got medication to help it but might lay off if there's something going round as best to get it out of your system.

As said above, water, nothing sweet while you still have bad diarrhoea as it can make it worse. Have you got any straws so you can sip it slowly? It's also easier to change to a new straw to help stop the infection spreading.

I find soup helps get back onto proper food, plain liquid soup at first then you can go a bit thicker then with bits.

Make sure you change your glass, cup etc... every time rather than refil and wash everything with boiling hot water and something antibacterial and make sure you post loo hygiene is spot on.

When you can tolerate sugary things again, iced lollies may help.
this is a very nasty bug and within an hour of feeling ill u will become very sick,hot and sweaty,cant keep anything down or up! dont take any medication 4 this it will b a waste of time as u will just sick it all back up. as jenna and i have said just keep things clean and sanitised,this is only 2 protect others around u from getting it. u will not b able 2 contract this virus twice in close times of each other,as ur body will have built up a ammunity from it by having it once. just rest ur body(when ur not in the loo) and sip water. hope u feel beta soon
Can't really add to that lot beattie, but drinking water is perhaps the quickest way to flush everything nasty from your body. You need to keep drinking anyway, as the diarrhoea and sickness'll dehydrate you. Keep your hands very clean, dirty washing separate, and when I had a similar bug, I used to bathe in lukewarm salted water. Hope you soon feel better.
Once you can stomach something try 7Up drink as it has a good electrolyte balance
Feel better soon XX
Flat coca cola is pretty good too , once you can keep anything down. Heat it up then let it cool to get the bubbles out of it. Not diet coke.
Hope you feel better soon. Get plenty of rest afterwards (once you've stopped running.)
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Thanks everyone, feel a bit better today. I must say my Mums incontinence pads are wonderful for the night, we all wore them last night.(7 of us, ages ranging from 30 to 90, must have looked funny if you were a fly on the wall!)
if 7 of u are ill in one house ..the smell must be bad !
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Ha ha sleepyj.........its not as bad as it sounds. Its an old rickety farmhouse with 9 bedrooms, so we havent been gassed ...yet. Thats the first time Ive laughed for days, without a mishap. many thanks

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sickness and diarrhoea bug

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