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Hair Dryer recommendations needed

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bizzylizzy | 15:36 Thu 04th Sep 2008 | Body & Soul
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My hair dryer has gone kaput. Can anyone recommend a good replacement model to buy and also models to avoid? I have very fine hair that's been coloured, so I'll probably be considering another ionic. There are so many on the market these days. Thanks very much.


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Can't beat a professional Babyliss.....and they now come in pink!
Get the Remington D3701, best hairdryer I've ever had! I had a Remington before for years and because it was so reliable I wanted to get another one when it broke (due to bf kicking it, no fault of it's own!)

This one is even better than the first! I have curly hair which I used to dry and then straighten with GHDs, now (because it is more powerful than most plus ionic) I dont need to straighten it as the hairdryer does it for me!

I can't recommend it highly enough!
Have to go along with chazza i bought a remington D3701, some one reccommended it on this site, maybe it was chazza, i ordered it from amazon, it is quicker 22000 watts, lighter and makes youre hair real shiny, i still have my old trusted babyliss,but needed a quicker drying hairdrier, so there you go 2 reccommendations for this product!!!!
I think it was me! Glad you like it as much as I do!
I also have this hair dryer and have to agree - the best one i ever had!

(Well apart from my daffy duck one....the beak was the blower part!!!!)
I have an Errol Douglas one (forget the model #), c/w ioniser, it's quite pricey but hell of a hairdryer, lasted me a good 3 yrs now, and still going strong - use it every day!
dont go for the tony and guy mine broke within a month
I’d recommend Karmin

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Hair Dryer recommendations needed

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