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Dream Interpretation

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Lakitu | 10:02 Mon 14th Jul 2008 | Body & Soul
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Are any of you good at dream interpretation? Can you tell me what this may mean, please?

Last night I dreamt I was bound and gagged and the perpretraitor was just about to murder me. It was one of those dreams that you know you must wake up but you just can't, I eventually did when I shouted "help" out loud, the sound of my voice snapping me out of it.

Needless to say, I'm still a bit disturbed by it and would love to know what it means (and to be set at easr it's not a glimpse at the future!)


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My advice is don't even think about a trip to Colombia and never change your name to Ingrid Betancourt !.
Question Author
It all happened in the RS McColl in the area I grew up in, so I'll be thinking twice about ever stepping in there too! :o/
No, I think you'll find it is a sub-conscious supressed sexual fantasy rather than any premonition. Because it remains inhibited part of your conscous is telling it to stop (help) whilst the other part is prompting it to wake up and enjoy it.

Its a classic Freudian impasse. Freud's fundamental idea was that all humans are endowed with an unconscious in which potent sexual and aggressive drives, and defenses against them, struggle for supremacy. Freud once stated: "The only unnatural sexual behavior is none at all." (although we all naturally reserve judgement on some behaviour - but you get my drift).
Question Author
OMG!!! I don't mind a bit of of that but...really??? OMG!! You have me blushing!

I woke up genuinely scared, are you sure??

There ^^ you even demonstrate the archetypal advocate/adversary pattern emerging through consciousness also�..

�I don�t mind it, but..�

So with these mixed conscious messages, your sub-conscious is battling within itself during its most expressive phase � in trance/dream state.
Question Author
Oh my! Well, at least I'm not popping my clogs anytime soon.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm about to just crawl into a hole LOL

Thank you, Octy, another fantastic reply x
We will all kick our proverbial buckets one day Luckitu, and looking at the amount of willing participants that have gone before us, I would say there really is nothing to worry about.

As they say, dreams are free � it is the reality that we check and incarcerate.
The inflection upon your name was not entirely incidental.
so wot does it mean when u lose ur teeth(-:
That was my recurring dream for a long time, luckyman. I was told it means you're regretting words you have spoken x
mmmm i think ur rite there beth..i have sometimes been rash and impulsive on here...its got me into a lot of trouble in the past!!
Maybe it means you feel your life is passing you by and you feel restrained and bound in your situation and are in need of some kind of escape or change.

This could be from a dull job, relationship, your living accommodation, lots of things. Crying out for help, could signify, you don't know what to do and you are looking for some kind of advice to help you make the best decisions.
Freud thought everything was about sex!
Question Author
I'm more comfortable with Velvetee's reason LOL!

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