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have you had any experience of IVF treatment?

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tigwig | 13:09 Wed 09th Apr 2008 | Body & Soul
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my friend is currently undergoing IVF after trying for a baby without no luck for 3 years. She has had the eggs fertilised and put back in her last week and finds out either tomorrow or the day after if it has worked. I have a child myself and have no idea what she is going through and I feel for her so much. What can I say to her if it doesn't work? Is there anything I can do that would help her get through it? Will she have another attempt on the NHS or have to pay herself? I would be grateful if you could share any of your experiences with me.


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I can't answer re. how many tries she's allowed on the NHS, but I can tell you that my boss' daughter had at least five attempts (paid for privately) before she fell pregnant with her twins. Then, before the twins were a year old, she was pregnant with another little boy, without any treatment! The epitome of "buy two, get one free". That story may give your friend hope about the amount of times it can fail and still work in the end.....
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I don't think she could afford 5 attempts. At �4000 a time that would mean she would have to find �16000! Its not fair I mean who has that sort of money available? thanks for your answer anyway!
My sister had IVF and had her little boy at the first attempt (which was paid for privately). This was followed a year later by the birth of her daughter who was conceived naturally.

Sadly my brother and his wife have had 3 failed attempts on the NHS (you only get 3 shots at it on the NHS) so they are now considering privately paying for it. With them the doctors can find no reason for their inability to conceive. They have been devastated with each failed attempt and I have found it frustrating that there is absolutely nothing I can say to make it better. All you can do is listen and be a shoulder to cry on. Good luck! I hope your friend has good news!
Where we live the NHS doesn't give any IVF free, it's �3,500 a go. My daughter has been told there's no chance of her having a baby naturally and they can't afford to pay for even one go.
A friend of ours had one go at IVF and got a lovely little girl she's now had 4 failed attempts for a second baby. �14,000 so far!
All you can do for your friend is be a shoulder for her to cry on if she needs you - fingers crossed she'll have a happy outcome.
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thanks for your answers, sadly she has found out today that it hasn't worked and is naturally gutted
Ah bless her - I'm sorry about that :-(

Since two year ago I have been through IVF. It was successful and gave me an amazing experience of being pregnant, well having our own child. The chances of getting success first time during IVF are very low, so you have to be prepared for more than one cycle. During the retrieval, injections leading up remain pretty painful for a while but it will be good after few days. It’s really cool when you will see the eggs put back in through the ultrasound machine like available on . The cost of IVF cycle varies, however we spend around £8000. Remember, while making a decision of IVF, do not believe to opinions present on websites and seek guidance of experts and previous patient.
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