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pills,pregnancy and sex drive?

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richee | 07:46 Sun 06th Apr 2008 | Body & Soul
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hi need some advice. i off pills for nearly a month, im still not sure if im pregnant now or not, as my period suppose due to next week (i have the feeling im not pregnant tho, as usually i can feel slight pain before my period coming, i feel same today). i used to have higher sex drive before and after period. however i found this whole month my sex drive is really low and when me and my partner having sex, i feel really really dry down there, also very hard to *** (i used to very easily to get there). would it because of off pills? (im taking foilc acid tablets at moment also). thanks


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It can take a while for the hormones in the pills to clear your body, up to 6 months. These hormones can change your libido and consequently how you experience sex.
Try taking efanatal a safe omega 3 supplement for use in pregancy, great for babaies brain development and also will help regulate your hormones.
Also alcohol and smoking make it harder to conceive, so both avoid if you can.
It's early days yet but if you are bothered , go to your GP and get your hormone levels checked.
Keep trying and good luck.
thanks amonty, coz really dry there lately, so i didnt enjoy sex that much this mont, my partner can feel it and is always worrying if there is anything wrong with the sex or him, i dont wana disappoint him also, as we both enjoyed it before, i cant think any big changes related to my eating, sleeping or other living habit, the only thing i can think is about the pills which i stopped taking for a month. oh, yeah, also, we both smoking and drinking at evening, i dont do it much(1 glass white wine and 1 or 2 cigretts), but my partner does drink and smoke lots.
where i can find efanatal? thank you:))
You have answered in a different user name!!!
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yeah, i know, just dont wanna this thread draw my bf attention, as he is on here as well. but i forgot to change the name back when i replied.
From the manufacturer , it's efamol.
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pills,pregnancy and sex drive?

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