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Dream Interpretation -- can anyone help???

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MustangLady | 21:07 Sun 13th Jan 2008 | Body & Soul
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I had a dream last night and want to know if anyone (seriously) can interpret any meanings behind it; my dream was::: I was stood in middle of a town, on one side of the road was a big castle. On the other wide a hotel completely engulfed in flames, but the hotel had a veranda all the way around it and there were people standing on this watching the fire. I was looking for my boyfriend (called Ken - his real name) but couldn't find him, I asked lots of people of his whereabouts asking them "Where's Ken" and all they kept saying was "Who, Dave, he's over there" whereupon they would point him out(so they did not call him by his real name although I was asking for him by name). When I went over to where they had pointed he had disappeared again, so I'd start the process of asking for him again and it kept happening the same way. In addition, there was an old railroad track running straight throught the middle of the town and there was an old locomotion train running on it, very very long. It had flat carriages that carried 'cranes'of different sizes and types. The train carriages went on forever. All the time the hotel was in flames and I constantly looking for my boyfriend. ANY IDEAS..... it was very real (as most dreams are) and very confusing. Please don't say I'm mad! I know most dreams have some sort of meanings, so if anyone out there can interpret it, I would be grateful. Thanks in anticipation. ML x


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Hi, Firstly before we begin to interprit the dream, lets look at one specific significant aspect.

Think about what the people you were asking in the dream looked and sounded like and if possible what were the emotions running through you at the time.

In order to do an accurate interpritation i must know some specific details, it also helps to make the summery more personal.
Sorry for my bad spelling!
Ok, it'll be more helpful this time. Try taking this test, it might help you: Download
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without knowing you at all, its very hard to say as there are not hard and fast rules for dream interpretation. dreams are like a means of personal divination and personal reflection (a bit like horoscopes, or tarot cards) but, if i was having these dreams, and in my understanding of dreams this is what id be thinking... buildings are supposed to represent your physical body, and vehicles (the train?) could represent your journey through life. the cranes on the train - are you often helping others?, 'picking up' their problems, helping them to offload? the unsuccesful looking for the boyfriend thing sounds a bit like insecurity to me. is there a choice you must make in life? because you are in the middle of a road (through your life) with one outcome (yourself as a castle) on one side, and the other outcome (yourself as a burning hotel) on he other side. perhaps some insecurity stems from the choice you need to make? your dream seems to realise in your heart you know the choice you must make, but you need to face up to it. you might find it useful to look up on dream archetypes, see what they represent, and look again at your dream in context of your own life.
I don't wish to be a wet blanket, but I really do not believe you can 'interperet' dreasm at all.

Dreams are the mind's way of collatging the information it's received during the day, and puting into some sort of order - it's a process which no-one really understand, not professors with most of the alphabet after their name, and certainly not people who profess to 'read' your dreams. What is known for certain is that the process of dreaming, whether rememebred or not, is vital for the mind and body's health. You can survive eleven days without food or water, only five days without sleep.

So, depending on who you are, what is important, what stuck in your mind, what didn't, your dream can be utterly different at times during the same night, and certainly on different days as circumstances and thoughts change in a way that is not able to be interpereted in any meaningful way.

The notion of 'reading' dreams is something that give comfort to people who are a little confused and insecure, and looking for meanings to help them reach decisions and move on in their lives.

I would not say you are mad - far from it - but i wouldn't look to any symbokic meanings ion your dreams which are probably not actually there.
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Hi.. thank you for your answers and a very interesting answer from Mandimoo2.
To:Mandimoo2, thank you as your reply does make a lot of sense to me. You're right, I am always trying to sort out other peoples problems but can't sort out my own life. I am going through a 'problem' time in my relationship right now which I am trying to sort out. A decision does need to be made which I am finding difficult to do. Thanks again.

To Wix: The people in my dream seemed calm considering the 'burning hotel' and the others whom I were asking the whereabouts of my boyfriend, all seemed to be going about their daily business, walking, chatting and generally normal. I didn't recognise anyone in my dream as anyone i know, other than my boyfriend.

To: Andy, thanks for your answer too. I was hoping to make some sort of sense to my dream, hence the question. I think Mandimoo has hit the nail on the head so to speak!

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Dream Interpretation -- can anyone help???

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