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wat should i do?

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xsweetlou07x | 10:23 Sun 30th Dec 2007 | Body & Soul
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i have been with my boyfriend on and off for the past 6months. we have recently gotten back together 2months ago, but we kept spliiting because he cheated on me once and i hav never been able to forget it. i myself now think that my best friend likes him and i don't know weather to trust him or not. he says he loves me and wouldn't cheat on m again and all my friends say that he does love me and to try and forget the past, but i don't think i could handle it if he went with my best friend of 4years. he is also going away this new year for a week and leaves tomorrow and i'm not sure weather i can trust him to be faithful. what should i do? should i learn to trust him and if so how can i do that? or should i jus leave him or good? please help because i don'y know what else to do now because i love him but can't trust him.
thanks x


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You should definitely leave him. He has no respect for you at all. You've only been with him for 6 months and he has cheated on you and you got back together with him.

I would dump him now. You'd find someone much better than him. You shouldn't let someone walk all over you like that.

Good luck
This is going to sound patronising but...
You appear to be very young.
You have known this guy 6 months: you have broken up with him on several occasions during the six months: you have recently got back together.
You have not been with this 'boyfriend' for very long and during that short time he has cheated on you. You now think he's after your best friend and he's also going away for a week without you.
Please, get a life! If you don't trust him (or your 'best friend'), drop them both. You are definitely worth more than these two people.
as my old granny used to say [ when I was in tears over a failed romance] -- stand at the bus stop there will be another along in a few minutes.
If you have doubts and you clearly do, dump him now before he does it to you. go with your gut feelings and get him out of your life, its painful but you know it makes sense, you are never going to be able to trust him and maybe he is looking for a way out.
Leave now while you still have your pride & dignity intact....If he has been unfaithful within such a short relationship he will do it again...and again. Trust is too valuable a part of a relationship...and once lost,very difficult to regain. Alack of it will poison any feelings you have left.
I have to agree with all above...
If he loved you he would of never cheated in the first place
Even though it will hurt dump him your worth more than that his loss...
Wish you well x
sweetlou just do one. this man?will always cheat on you you deserve better than that he is a complete s??t & you will never be able to trust him.all the best for the future hope 08 is a better year for you.xx.

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wat should i do?

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