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silver56uk | 00:57 Sat 20th Oct 2007 | Body & Soul
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was your dad ever a barber and did he cut your hair? or did your mum or dad ever take to to the barbershop for a cut but you were a girl?


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No, but my mum was a hairdresser when I was young. I never paid for a haircut until I was about 27. I stopped getting her to do my hair after she and I had an argument. Despite the row, I stupidly still let her cut my hair that afternoon. She cut me a right dodgy short fringe and made me look like a mental patient. She was never allowed near me with scissors again!
Mrwarpigs dad was a barber and he cut all the kids hair including his daughters. There is one photo I recall and they all have the same hair cut even the girl (but by the look on her face she was not too impressed - like Aprilis says - a dodgy short fringe.
If my dad went to the barbers i had my hair cut too into a bob dry cut up to the age of 9.
I am today recovering and coming to terms with my new haircut. Fab cut but I feel I have been sheared to within an inch of my life..used to have lovely Really long dark hair and now have a short posh spice cut!!!


(and puffy red eyes from crying about it)

Worse than that silver - my mother used to cut my hair herself - and she has no idea how to cut hair!!!!....I spent all my life traumatised by the horrendous haircuts I was given!! My childhood was marred by mental patient fringes, lop-sided hair and I can remember how it used to get shorter and shorter as she vainly tried to even both sides up!! As soon as I was able to argue - I refused to let her near me again with a pair of scissors. Then my hair went to the other extreme - and I left it alone to grow long and wild - such a refreshing change! :0)
natterley - don't worry hun - it'll grow X
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Some great answers here thankyou. Donna1458 id certainly like to chat to you by email or yahoo messenger how much do you remember about those days getting bobbed in a barbers were you embarressed about going there?
I was born in 1940 and can remember being taken to a barbers shop in WembleyHigh street for haircuts.I had a cut and singe.!!!!!The ends were singed and the smell was really horrible.This went on until I was about 10 and then my hair was grown a bit longer and for special occasions Mother curled it with Tongs which were heated on the gas stove and each piece of hair was wrapped in brown paper before the tongs were used.Then joy of joys home perms arrived on the market.Happy Days.
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Wow patsyann amazing story how short was you hair cut at that time and was it just a male barber in small shop. There is a lady from usa is gonna make a hair singeing video in the near future actually. How did you feel about going to a barbers did it trouble you much?
hi silver56uk. My hair was dead straight and just below my ears and on top of my head part of my hair was tied in a bow as was the fashion in those days.Yes it was a male barber and the shop was in the basement of a sweet shop so my treat if i had been good for the barber was a lollipop or a multi coloured gobstopper.It was just the horrible smell of singed hair that I remember so well.My hair remained dead straight until it started to turn grey,so I had years of perms but now I have a good haircut actually in a unisex barbers with a female cutter and it is lovely and naturally wavy,My Dad had lovely waves so I think I have inherited them from him.But only since it turned grey.I think by singeing my hair it was like a sort of bob.Be funny if singeing becomes fashionable again.
My mum used to cut all the girls fringes herself. To try to get them straight she stuck them across our head with sellotape and cut along the line - never seemed to work though and we always had squint & too short fringes. Lucky boys got to go to the barber!

If we wanted our hair curly we got it wrapped in rags while wet and slept with it all night to get a lovely ringlet effect the next day.
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Thats very interesting patsyann i didnt think barbers cut girls hair in those days actually it sounds like you didnt mind going there. Im late 40s myself and i too recall going after school to a barbershop that was at the back of a small sweetshop/toyshop 2 chair shop male barber his wife worked out the front . I didnt really want haircuts then so going for a short back and sides was something i dreaded lol. Great memories you have stirred up. Anyone too wishing to chat about there haircut stories can reach me on [email protected] or silver56uk on yahoo messenger.
..when I was 17 and heavily into my Smiths and Cure.... I used to queue up with a load of old men at the only barber shop in town, by the 80s it was acceptable for most males to go to the hairdresser, so it was mainly older gentlemen, and me there, you did not have to make an appointment , you just turned up, everyone got the same haircut, short back n sides (appart from me who held onto my long backcombed fringe with both hands while the barber got the clippers out.... I got a few funny looks from the old chaps, but generally they found me amusing, besides, it was a bloody good cut, with the shortest off the back , female hairdressers back then were too timid with the clippers if you ask me!....., and it was only 75p(though I did have a sneaking suspicion it was 50p for all the other gents).....

p.s I am female....
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wow ermintrude sounds amazing would love to chat to you more about those days you were really brave? How old are you now? Someone told me though in the 80s there was a fashion for girls to get short back and sides in the barbers.
Is it just me or does it seem like silver56uk has some kind of fetish/unnatural obsession with haircuts? No offence intended - just wondering..........
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awww sorry you think that. I do have an interest in haircut stories yes to be honest id say lots of people do but dont say much about it .lots of very interesting answers here i must say Thankyou to everyone who has replied. If i can across as strange LOL forgive me im a very easy going kinda guy.

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