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How do you measure success

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RATTER15 | 00:32 Fri 07th Sep 2007 | Body & Soul
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Following on from Whiffeys question, how do you measure success!!

1. the amount of men/women you have slept with
2. the size of your bank balance
3. the size of your house
4. the position you hold at work
5. the size of your manhood (guys)
6. the size of your boobs or just your size (Women)
7. whether you dog is as ard as the one next door
8. how many children you have fast you car goes (this doesn't apply to Women as they would never know how fast there car goes)
10. how long you spend at the gym working up a sweat
11. how many pints you can get down your neck and still drive home.
12. how many real hard nuts you can thrash whilst p!ssed with hand tied behind you back
13. general contentment


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the amount of men ive slept with is irrelevant to me now.
we are comfortable, (with the bank balance) id like more for shopping of course.
great size, room for all of us not to trip over each other.
position at work suits me, no hasstle.
pleased with b00bs. size/ body shape' im very happy.
0.1 we baby gaga to bits, more everyday.
n/a no car just yet.......
swimming is my forte, 30/40 lenghts. a week
i hope for this to continue. but would like my own car!
1) Very few
2) Very low
3) Fairly large for one person
4) Do not work
5) Average willy
6) N/a
7) Dont have a dog
8) None
9) Very fast
10) Never go to the gym
11) Never drink and drive and don't really do pints
12) Never been in a drunken brawl, but have killed two people with my bare hands
13) Fairly happy. Though a second wife will be nice one day, maybe in a few years.

Am I successful? Probably not.
With a success-o-meter, obviously!!!
1) I take the 5th
2) Small , way too small
3) Big for one
4) Don't work
5) n/a
6) Big enough
7) She's a big softy
8) One
9) No car
10) Gym , me ? Ha !
11) Ugh
12) n/a
13) Happy most of the time
im happy

im single

ive got enough money to get by

ive slept with enough women

though more will be added

im reatively happy

thats my measure

my success is having very happy children, a really good and productive relationship with my partner and a happy home that has not had to endure any form of abuse.

I could point out lots of material things and boast about my driving prowess but in the big scheme of things non of that really matters to me, the end product is that I am raising a happy well adjusted family with parents that are loving.
I measure success by how much a person achieves within the short space of time that they have on this planet. I gauge my own success as well as others' in this manner.

So somebody who is kind & generous, with a good home and beautiful family, fulfilling job (not necessarily brilliantly paid though), seen the world, contributed positively to society and is very wise would, in my opinion, be successful.

I'm nowhere near successful. I get extremely frustrated with myself at times.
Success to me can only be measured in how happy and content you are with your life, and for me I am 100% successful, I live in a beutiful area, have a great wife and two sons I am very proud of, I want no more from life than what I have, I have money, but without what I have in my family that would mean nothing.
Hello Ratter
I'd measure it on general contentment. I think it depends on the individual too and what they wish to achieve in life. For example you may get a top busines person who has a nice flat in London and a weekend country pad and classes himself a success....and then you may get a family elsewhere where the parents have say four children under 10 and don't have much spare cash yet they look at their lovely family and class themselves as a success....In both cases I would class them as success as they're content with what they have achieved.

I am extremely content and therefore would say I'm successful because of that: I love (and am surrounded by love back) my home, partner and family and friends and have a job I am happy in.

I'm sure we'd all like to have a bit more wedge in the old bank account but I really think if you're healthy and happy and a good person then I do think you're successful.
It depends on what I'm doing really. Regarding work I measure success on how well I fare compared to others I work with. I think in my general social life I measure personal success on how many people enjoy my company. I think this is a bad thing to be concerned about and I wish it didn't matter to me but it does and worst of all it's quite importamt to me. This means I take it very badly when I'm disliked because I consider that I am a failure rather than that it is natural that you are not liked by everybody.
Sorry RATTER for thinking this was a trivia question ...doh
I will stand in the silly corner for a while wearing that cone shaped hat again !
I wont go into details but after 2 extremely violent long term relationships and one non violent but soul destroying relationship I think my success is measured by how happy and contented I have been over the last 10 years. I have a fantastic husband, 2 lovely kids (okay pains in the butt a lot of the time too)and a beautiful granddaughter.

Now that may not sound like success to most people but when you have been further down than rock bottom and have managed to come out smiling and happy then to me that is success :D

pixi you have got it sussed as far as I am concerned, what you now have you cannot buy, money does not make you happy, to succeed in life can only be through inner peace and contentment, and you have got it so you are very lucky, and the good thing is like me you realise you have got a happy and successful life, never understimate it, cos you certainly can't put a price on it can you.
Question Author
Well said Ray, I couldnt have put it better myself.

I dont think you can measure success by the material things Generally speaking, I know I mentioned a few but that was very tongue in cheek lol

Like Ray says inner peace and contentment is success!!!

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How do you measure success

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