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life plan....

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nannon | 14:34 Mon 03rd Sep 2007 | Body & Soul
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ok have recently had some major changes in my life which means my future plans have sort of....unraveled!!!
So I need a new plan - would you like to help???!!!

Basically i hat emy job and hate livnig in Bristol.

I love people and meeting new people every day - hate being stuck in an office. I'm well presentable and well spoken when i need to be - good with computers and can usually paste a smile on my face for the!
Love kids and helping people. Would like to go abroad at some point...
Thing is have little money...well more kinda no money and have rent to pay etc so cant just up and leave....

Would anyone have any suggestions about what i can do???!!!
I have been planning to do my PGCE course but that wont be for another year....
Sensible answers please...buthey if you make me laugh random ones are just fine to!!!!



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and despite my apalling typing and spelling one here - i have an English Lit degree...i know, i know - sometimes i wonder how i passed.....!
hi nannon! I suggest you just do whatever you want to do and avoid plans, they can defeat you.
Have you thought about admin work in the NHS?

The pay is pretty useless but you'll get your sense of helping people.

Just a thought.
What about the TEFL course (teaching english as a foreign language). I think you can do it as a correspondence course or at night school. This way you could hang on to you current job to pay the bills, then once qualified this would give you the opportunity to travel, meet people (adult and kids) and get some experience teaching too.
try being a pre-school teacher or teacher. you get to be with both children and adults. you use all kinds of equipment and the job is so rewarding.
Classroom assistant
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TEFL is a thought at the moment - i wasnt aware you could do it as a night class...that is what has been putting me off as i cant afford to pay the �1200 fee and give up work for a month!!!
Thank you for all your ideas....
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would like to be a class room assistant but i dont think it pays enough for all my bills!!! :o(
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do you need a teaching qualification to be a classroom assisstant does anyone know? and rough salary? thanks
no you don't Nannon, mrs johnlambert was one when we lived in Edinburgh, I don't know what her salary was though, sorry :-(
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oh - may look into that - thank you!
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oh - �11,000-�13,500...not enough for me to live on!
nannon, mrwarpig did it as a night class but that was quite a few years ago so things may have changed but I do recall checking it out on the internet a couple of years ago as I was interested myself and am sure that there was a correspondence option as well. Mr warpig taught in Syria and France and I have two friends who are currently teaching, one in China and one in Saudi and financially they seem to be doing ok. Is there anyway you could raise the money or do you have any kindly benefactors (parents or siblings) who would be willing to help you out in the meantime?

You dont say what changes have happened to prompt your new life plan but in my experience everyone is different, some people need a new plan to focus on and aim toward while others go off half-cocked at the first opportunity (me) and worry about it later.

Best of luck whatever you decide.

Hi nannon - my list of requirements for job satisfaction are very similar to yours. For many years I worked for a training company specialising in delivering NVQ's in the workplace. It involved interviewing kids, finding work placements for them, mentoring them, assessing them for NVQ and training in classroom environment. You can qualify for an adult trainers award on a partime basis at college usually paid for by your employer. I absolutely loved it, no 2 days were the same, the kids were great, I wasn't office based.
Companies like this
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Warpig3 - thank you for your answer - i will def be looking into that! My parents would help me out with the course fees but i wouldnt like to ask them to pay my rent and debts if i had to leave my job!! lol!
I recently broke up with my boyf and the plands i had for my future have hugely changed now - think need a new start doing something different. I am trying to be sensible about it and not making any rash decisons cuz at the moment i just want to up and leave - let someone else take care of all my debts and rent and stuff!

Hellyon - thank you very much for you answer - that sounds like a fantastic job! It sounds like my kinda of thing exactl! I cant access you link properly in work but will def read it whan i get home tonight! Thank you very much!!!
If i could turn the clock back i`d go abroad to work,maybe a summer camp in the US or a nanny.
What about a kids holiday rep somewhere hot?
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oh thats a good one!
I think i'll be on net al night looking through all these ideas!

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life plan....

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