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why is it that I am right handed in almost everything..

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kp nonuts | 16:29 Sun 26th Aug 2007 | Body & Soul
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but when I pick up me air and wood guitar I just go to left handiness and trying to play it right handed is just not naturall to me.

But all the best guitarists in the world are left handed ie macartney clapton I need say no more.

Bigmamma where are you if you are out there give us a shout as I need to serande you with my left handed guitar

and I need bitty feed me


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and we must not forget the immortal joe satriani of course

Give is a list ot the best left handed that you know (and I am not being rude here)
Question Author
Oh s@hit have just realised joe is right handed butt he plays a mean guitar don he and why the fruck am I talking to myself
Hank Marvin is right-handed, and you, old fella need to take a lie-down, you've spelled a lot of words today.
Question Author
i have a lexican now whiff
Ah so you have a lexican do you Knobs? That explains why you seem to pick random words out of a tin then, lol! It's okay though, I have my Nonuts to English phrase book handy.

How can someone with no nuts be so....well....err...nutty?

Luv ya nutless one xx
Question Author
hi apes love you to and somebody on here accused me of being on drugs (but in a nice way though) as I keep posting late at night and early in the morning but I am not I am just high on life and that is the most natturall thing in the world ok a few vodkas help as well but me and mrs nonuts to be are getting wed next may and 2 weeks in the dominican republick will do luvvle jublly but in the meantime we off to sunny benidorm next week to see sticy vicki
do you wanna join us I promise loads of sangria and sand and sun
It'd be a scream to join you Knobbly but gooseberry is just not a good look for me mate, green doesn't suit me ;-) Hope you and K have a great hol though. I'm only a little bit jealous. Of you going on holiday I mean.
Catch ya later nut-free I'm off to visit mummy in hospital. She had a total knee replacement op yesterday and will no doubt be in need of some company that isn't wearing a uniform or is grey haired and smells of wee. My mum sticks out like a sore thumb, she's the only redhead in a ward full of white hair! Mind you she can't get up to go to the ladies so she might be smelling of wee herself by now...bluuurrgh.
Question Author
wil post to you apes when whe are golden glowing on the levantte or pointe beach
I bet a million billion pounds you don't
Stop encouraging him whiffey!
Question Author
Ang on here is anybody or soul watching walisse and gromitt on uk gold at the moment
Question Author
and give yourmum my bestes whisssses apes as she has all the love and respect in the world and here feet are in the wishiing well
You stupid fin wancer! an air guitar??????

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why is it that I am right handed in almost everything..

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