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group b strep

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tamirra | 17:43 Thu 26th Jul 2007 | Body & Soul
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My daughter is 20 weeks pregnant and just found out that she is group b strep, we have had a talk with the midwife and he has put our minds at rest but need to know if anyone out there has had a baby with strep and were there any problems associated with it. Thankyou


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my sister in law lost a baby at 23 weeks and it was through strep. Dont panic though as your daughter has been diagnosed and will be treated accordingly. My sister in law sadly lost her baby as she was left untreated. They told her next time she gets pregnant they will immediately test her for strep and start treatment. your very very lucky it has been diagnosed and i wish your daughter a smooth pregnancy. not posting this to scare you xxx
I have only ever heard of babies being affected by strep b after birth. I would have thought as soon as your daughter goes into labour they will start her with a course of antibiotics and then monitor her baby closely after. Of course the older the baby gets the less likely the chance the of developing problems from the infection. I think the one month - 6 weeks stage is when its deemed there isn't a further threat.

I know 2 women who have known they have strep before going into labour and both babies were very healthy. Of course the reality is that more than a third of women I know who have had babies have probably had this and were just unaware.

I found this.... you might be able to find a proper support group from the links, I didnt try.

Out of 88,000 babies born to mothers with strep only 700 develop GBS apparently.
My daughter developed strep b during labour. Her waters broke and then she went for nearly 48 hours with no sign of labour starting and the infection set in. As soon as my grandson was born he was put on an antibiotic drip and his mum was given injections. They both had to stay in hospital a bit longer than normal.

He is now a happy, healthy 3 year old and when she became pregnant again they watched her carefully from early on and gave her antibiotic injections as labour started. Everything was fine. Don't worry, they've diagnosed it early and will monitor things closely.
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Thankyou so much for all your answers, im just glad this has been diagnosed before the birth. Thankyou again.
I was left for 72 hours after waters breaking before giving birth and my daughter caught group b strep. My sister was the one that noticed it as my baby girl was making a grunting type noise, I read loads of maternity books and yet I had not come upon this subject before. A swab was taken and she was given anti-biotics immediately and we just had to stay in for 7 days instead of the usual 1-2. She is now six years old. When I had my second daughter because it was known that I was a group b strep carrier I was given i.v antibiotics as soon as labour started and everything was fine. Only when I read up on this subject afterwards did I realise how serious it can be undetected but your daughter will be fine because all of the medical staff know beforehand(mind you I told anyone that was within a 500 yard radius of me with my second one just in case it hadn't been noted !) I think now there are more rules and regulations regarding strep b and they now take swabs from mum at the 20 week consultant check, from the throat, nose and vagina(i think) Good luck all will be well. x

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group b strep

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