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unruliejulie | 09:43 Mon 11th Jun 2007 | Body & Soul
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My hubby works with this chap who has a distinct lack of hygiene. He's a big fella, not fat but just big. He's as strong as an ox too! None of the other chaps would like to get on his wrong side! lol

The thing is, would you say anything to this chap or just put up with it! BTW, its not so much BO but more in the nether regions if ya get my drift! :-) His nickname (just to the others for obvious reasons) is BS! Work it out!

My hubby has gone to France with him for the week today and although he is hoping for nice weather, he feels the warmth of the sun will make this poor chaps problem worse!

No one will say anything partly due to the delicate nature of his problem and partly due to the sheer size of this fella!

Anyhow, i just wondered if you could do it and if you could, how would you go about it? In fact, have you done it and how did it go down and was there any change afterwards?

I have to say, i couldn't approach someone and tell them they had a problem. I would find it most embarrassing!


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i wouldnt say it. It really is a case for a H.R department. Can't the guys ask HR to have a word?

you can't say 'oi cheesy' sort it out can you !
I'd take him to one side and say that other people had come to me and expressed their views on his hygiene and that he cannot continue to work like that in a working environment. If your hubbie isnt boss then go to the boss and ask him to do the same. I'm sure no matter how big he is he wont argue about it
This is a job for the HR department, so it can be handled to their satisfaction. It is creating an unpleasant work environment ...there is no way he won't be embarrased, he will have to behave or go if he doesn't fit in and then a third party has the final say, no one to blame in his department as it should be handled in confidence.
Def a job for HR - we had to tell HR about a guy here - he was vile!!! So smelly - he just didnt wash! But since HR had a word he smells fresh as a daisy!! Well almost....!!
Someone just needs to say to him, "as a friend if you thought I had a BO problem would you tell me" he will almost certainly say yes, as a friend would! well he can know be told that he stinks!!! Easy really!
The worst way I have seen this handled was Secret Santa buying an air freshener and tin of deodarant ... still have scarring on the inside of cheek trying not to laugh incredulously, bad bad bad.
I don't think I could come out with a 'you need a wash' comment, but I may just say ''oh dear..summat smells a bit rich around here, maybe I should go have a shower''

And see if he takes the hint!
depending how long its gone on?
one of my best mates is a right stink bag, but because i love him i choose not to say anything.if others are taking the **** then of course you have to say some thing regardless of the size! I think id rather have a whack in the chops than have to feel guilty about someone who should really have the common sense to wash.
may be the poor blokes depressed, but even still, get a grip, you cant let the man go around stinking, he ll never get a bird will he? and if he has got a bird then let her tell him!!!
do the man a favour ,be honest, but not hurtful innit ?!
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thanks for the advice people. :-)

tattoo, Its easy to say tell him, but not so easily done. The thing is, its his bottom half that stinks so i think thats harder to say than if it were B.O. My hubby had to hold the latter whilst he went up it one day last week and he was about honking!

He does have a girlfriend and i do wonder why she doesnt say something. Aside from this issue, he's a great bloke and a great worker and i do feel for thim that they are taking the p*** but i guess thats blokes for ya!

Maybe just maybe, my hubby will approach him about it during the couse of this week perhaps when he's had a few beers and is feeling brave lol, or the smell just gets too much in the french sunshine! .
unrulie, sorry mate did nt want to take the but may be he does have a medical thing going on, and your right how the hell would you approach something like that! what can you say with it hurting his feelings, i think i would speak to the girlfriend depending on the fact that she s ok with talking about some thing quite so personal.
perhaps he s got I B S and cant controll himself hey your guess is as good as mine!
best of luck

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smelly dilemma

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