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MrBen5 | 13:54 Fri 01st Jun 2007 | Body & Soul
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How trusting are you when you are in a relationship?

I find it really hard to believe that over 50% of the people on here trust their partners 100%.
Ha ha, its the first time i have laughed today...


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How can you build solid relationships without that level of trust? I could never doubt my wife. 100% trust is the only way we're going to get through this assault course of life.

I go out the majority of times with friends etc as my wife is not the going out type, i've been away for many a stag weekend, likewise with my wife with hen nights, i work shifts, she works shifts so if we wanted to cheat on one another, don't you think we both have/had ample opportunity to do so.

So your ''guessing not'' statement is wrong i'm afraid
Nicely put OBonio, my sentiments exactly. MrB and alot of the doubters I've noticed appear not to be in commited relationships, hence their attitude.

Get yourself in a loving relationship MrB, give it a good few years down the line, see each other day and day out, at both your very best and worst...THEN tell us you don't trust someone 100%.
Question Author
I have been in a loving relationship, seen someone day in day out, at their worst and their best.
I was with someone who told me all the usual stuff daily about how much she loves me and wants kids, etc, etc.
I have to agree with you in theory, you want to trust that person 100% , but there is always a doubt at the back of your mind.
I think you can still build a solid relationship without 100% trust. As long as the love and care is there...
I appreciate we all see 'love' differently MrB, but I'd rather not be in a relationship than tie myself in knots each time my partner went out without me.
I didn't realise that the question was soley about sexual trust as it is possible to trust people at different levels for different things - you may for instance trust that your partner will not cheat on you, but not let them out with your bank account details! I personally don't trust that my other half will always turn the tap off after he has been in the bathroom as he has been notoriously unreliable in this area. I do however trust that he will not go out doing things with other ladies! I am sure that he trusts me in the same fashion (with men, not ladies!), but would not trust me to cook a steak for the correct level of time! Hence, I think that you can never have 100% trust in anyone.
I trust 3 people in my life 100 + % my wife and my two sons, if you have doubts in a relationship, and cannot trust your partner/wife that 100% maybe you need to look at the reasons, starting with why you can't trust completely.maybe you are a bit insecure in yourself.
Question Author
I dont think the ones who dont trust 100% tie themselves in knots everytime their partner walked out the room.
There is a difference between controlling and trust.
As an example, would you trust your wife to go to a swingers party if she said she was just going because her friend was?
I rest my case :)

I think we can safely say that the trust issue being posted on here is about ''cheating'' .

But have to agree with you on the cooking side of things, i'm Mr Dial-a-take-away lol
Hi laurence, I can cook, it's just that steaks are obviously a man thing! But if he goes out and leaves the tap running (the hot I may add) once more, I'm heading straight to the divorce court! Fidelity is overrated compared to the price of gas/electricity!
As an example, would you trust your wife to go to a swingers party if she said she was just going because her friend was?

I would trust my wife to invite me should she decide to venture into that arena.
being distrustful is a safety valve you use to prevent you getting hurt , I really believe that, I do trust my partner 1000% if it makes me a mug then so be it!
Hi annie.

Thats a first, someone getting divorced because of a tap being left on!

Are you on a water meter?

This could leave to financial ruin!
I'm kidding about the divorce, but he has done it twice in the last week -

1. Got up in middle of night for toilet and left hot tap running all night - got up in morning no hot water.

2. Went out for a walk after tea - he nipped to the loo before we left - left hot tap running - no hot water for kids bath.

Bearing in mind that the water heater is on all this time so is effectively heating the water before it runs down the drain, I make that about 8 hours of water heating gown down the drain in a week!

Hence my chagrin.
I trust my partner 100% and he is the same with me. I wouldnt be with him if I couldn't trust him 100% as I have been in relationships where I didn't trust my bf and they were bad for both of us!
I trust my partner 100% but I dont think he affords me the same level of trust. He works offshore and has heard too many stories about his workmates wives playing away. He gets very anxious if he cant get me on the phone, but thats maybe because he just worries about me.
i trust my husband 100%, after 17 years of marriage and 3 children I have never, ever thought that he would do anything that would warrant losing my trust.
we both spend evenings out separately during the month and it never even occurs to me not to trust him.
we have a stable solid loving life and could never doubt each other
I have great trust in my husband, 100%, no point in worrying about something that might never happen. Unfortuantely he is a very jealous man and doesnt have much in me, no cause, no reason, just the way he is and has always been. Its very damaging to a relationship and to be honest, if anything's going to happen, it will and no amount of jealousy, accusations and checking up is gonna change that! I think without trust, we have nothing! If that person is gonna cheat, then thery arent the right person for you anyway!
I have complete faith in my hubby and likewise. We both had previous bad marriages and after my divorce I swore I would never trust another bloke again. I met my hubby at a party and we clicked right away. We've been for 25 years and still love each other as much as ever. I've no need to look elsewhere and he says the same. Well put OBonio!

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