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Cystitis/back pain?

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sair5412 | 20:18 Thu 31st May 2007 | Body & Soul
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Hi hope someone can advise me here,

I started with cystitis last wednesday and my symptoms were a slight burning pain in my bladder when going for a wee and a constant niggling feeling. It seemed to be going away and then on Tuesday night I woke up in agony with what felt like the beginning of labour pains in my back (i have given birth so i am not just being dramatic!) In the morning, i went to the chemist who gave me a two day course of sachets which i have now finished. The burning sensation in my bladder is not so bad any more but my back is really hurting. Every so often i get a throbbing more distinct pain. I have a docs appointment in the morning but should i be worried or is this normal? I have never had cystitis before so i don't have a clue!

Thanks for any advice.


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It may not just be cystitis (inflammation of urinary tract due to acidic urine) but in fact a urinary tract infection which will require antibiotic treatment. In the meantime just drink plenty fluids. Hope the pain is not too bad overnight. If you start to feel hot, take some paracetamol to lower your temp.
you are doing the right thing going to your GP as you may need antibiotics , if it is an infection it needs treating in case it travels to involve either of your kidneys . All the best :-)
I undestand that pain! I got acute cystitis when I was pregnant..and like you thought I had gone into labour.

Definately get yourself some antibiotics from the GP..
Poor sair5421, sorry to hear you are going through this. Everyone has said what I was going to. Try not to worry too much. Your doc will sort you out tomorrow, I'm sure. Just hope you get better soon. Big hug. :o)
yup, sounds like its gone to your kidneys - get thee to a doc

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Cystitis/back pain?

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