Looking for a believable excuse!

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foxydivano1 | 19:13 Tue 03rd Apr 2007 | Body & Soul
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Hi everyone!
I know its not related to
the topic, but I could do with you help!
A colleague is having a 'leaving do' at the end of this month.... but unlike normal people that will invite everyone for a few farewell drinks or a to enjoy a meal - my colleague wants to do something a little different..... which involves a whole weekend and an overnight
stay! Now, although I like her and we are friendly colleagues, as apposed to 'real friends' I really dont want to spend my free time (a whole weekend) with the people I work with -
I see them enough as it is! Plus I am off on holiday in May and am really strapped for cash.

The only thing is, she is relying on me to go - as far as females, its me, her and an older lady. AND she really wont take no as an answer. I dont want to drop it on her at the last minute, but I know she will try and convince me to go.... any ideas??
I hate lying, but I really
cant afford it and the weekends are the only time I have to do stuff for myself and my family!


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just tell that although you'd like to go out for a drink and a meal you simply can't afford the whole weekend thing and stand firm about it. she can't expect you to give up a weekend
You have explained it well enough in your post. If she doesn't understand then it's her issue. I wouldn't spend my hard earned money on a colleague unless it was spare cash.
You don't need a believable excuse. You already have one. You have other things to do at the week-end and you're stapped for cash. Just be honest and say you'll be happy to go out for a drink or meal but really can't afford to do any more than that.
like everyone else has said, just say it as it is? Lying will get you in a mess so just be straightforward and honest, its your life and your money and your time? enough said, Question is would she put herself out for you? and even if she would............ dont be forced into something you dont want to do, you'll end up resenting her! Enjoy what you do decide anyway xx
Shes leaving..tell her to bog off.
Oh pea pod you are a card. That was the best answer.

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thanks everyone :)

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Looking for a believable excuse!

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