The Privacy Of A Lift

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Supernick | 15:50 Fri 09th Mar 2007 | Body & Soul
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If you find yourself in a lift on your own, particularly one that is mirrored at one end, what do you get up to in the few seconds of total privacy that you have beofre you arrive at your destination? Admire yourself, dance, sing, pick spots?


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lol, excellent question!

Hmmm, guess I'd check my makeup and hair?
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I will totally end up miming along to a song if I've got one on my ipod, fake microphone and everything. Or possibly an air guitar.

I've also been known to dance as stupidly as possible just to see how ridiculous I can look.

I've even tried to 'smoulder' and practice 'looks'.
i like to pretend the lift has malfunctioned and killed me...

i lay on the floor with a note scrawled..

"it was the lift. it has a life all of its own. dont go down on a lift."
check hair, check nose for bogies, clean up the mascara thats smudged, check cleavage , pout then return to normal.
you practice 'looks' in it? Oh no, I always think there's a secret CCTV camera in it somewhere and some oik will be in an office/cubbyhole somewhere laughing if I did that.

FM, "go down on a lift"...............?

its just an expression B00.....
Drop one for the next occupants to enjoy :o)
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my flatmate likes to play russian roulette, and press the button for the very top floor as well, knowing that when he gets out the lift, someone could be waiting and will have to go all the way up before they can go down.
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If there's a mirror then I'll always check myself out. Better still, if there's a security camera then I wave at them, then dance like I'm an extra in Madonna's 'Vogue' video.

I came into the office one weekend and used the elevator and started singing a 70's song at the top of my voice whilst disco dancing. I checked on Monday with a security guard to ask if they had any hidden cameras in there. Thankfully they didn't!
Just do a quick scan of my hair and face, then back to normal. Unless i'm all dressed up and going out, mirrors don't really distract me much.
I'd check my hair and makeup, its a girl thing
Obonio, thats disgusting, its a boy thing
At work our lifts are shiny aluminium lined and the reflections are distorted like in the hall of Mirrors, i look good in them wherever i stand : )))
I'm the vainest person alive. I always check myself out and practice looking fit and sexy ( hasn't worked yet) Lol.

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The Privacy Of A Lift

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