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Going on a 2nd 'date' tonight..

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xAsh | 19:48 Sat 24th Feb 2007 | Body & Soul
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Remember i posted on here a while ago about me going out with this girl from work, well we went to the cinema and had a good time. We're going again tonight to watch Hot Fuzz again at the movies, we enjoy ourselves there. I really like her and i think she likes me. Last time we just laughed in the cinema and that without hugging, holding hands or anything.. Tonight to see if she's interested what do i do? Is it wrong just to put your arm around her or hold hands. Im a shy guy who doesnt have much confidence but dont know if she likes me that way, but we really have fun and act normal around each other. Is there anything i can say to give her a hint or possibly sign to push us on to the next stage, contact etc. I just wanna get close to her in that way but without ruining our friendship that we've had for a good 6 months. But i just dont want to go to the cinema like last time without holding hands etc. She likes me because she can trust me she says unlike her other boyfriends, but i dont know how i can get into the situation whereby i put my arm around her etc... Im not too good with girls so any help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot and ill let u know how it goes


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Great - YEVER post your than even e-mail addresses
my e mail add is not on here no
Hi xAsh :o)

Aww those first pangs of love :o)
How about whilst your both watching the movie just gently stroke her hand or arm with the back of your hand, hopefully this will make way for you to hold hands and prehaps a kiss on the cheek at the end of the night :o)

Good luck and be confident, she's gone on another date because she likes you so don't be afraid.

.... ps. I'm nosey so want to know what happens, so give us the goss tomorrow please :o)
you will probably be at the pics when im posting this buddy but just be nice [you sound a nice person] be polite,treat her like a lady and the rest will follow.good luck mate.............
Aw damn i was going to post some advice for you but just realised you will already have been to the cinema as its sunday morning now!!! Hope it went well for you! Post back and let us know how it went!
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It went ok thanks guys. Thanks for your help.

We went to the cinema like last time, enjoyed the film, laughed. Rubbed arms a few times. Didn't make a move or owt 'cos i respect her.

I then walked her home. It was pouring (In Portsmouth, England), was going to get her a taxi like last time, but thought it would be fun/kind of romantic to walk home in the pouring rain so i could have a chat with her and that because we didnt do much talking in the cinema. I then needed to think and thought i really do like this girl. Walked her home, she gave me her umbrella etc and we cuddled (no kisses) because it's still to early for that), then i could have got a taxi, but thought ahh well, so i walked 8 miles home which gave me time to think (which i needed). She gives me signs that she likes me like that but then she says things that makes me think she only ever wants friendship.

Im going to text her in a minute asking what she wants, friendship or more. Im just going to say how i feel and that i respect how she feels, but i think its better to hear the truth than what you want to hear.

Still very much in the balance, i do act differently around her but she's special and makes me do different things...

I would just like to know how she feels, if anything, so then i wont have it on my mind as much.


Has she replied to your text?
Question Author
No, but she always takes a while to text back.
What was her reply to your text?!!
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Well she didnt text back but we talked at work and she said she's not ready for another relationship as she's had a lot of troubles with previous fella's. She really values me as a friend though.

We're going to play darts thursday. I think she wants is friendship but i'll never give up hope, but i'll move on. Dont mean to sound arrogant but she wont find too many who could have fun and look after her like i could.

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Going on a 2nd 'date' tonight..

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