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Internet dating

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AB Asks | 10:33 Mon 19th Feb 2007 | Body & Soul
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The internet now plays a huge part in people's lives; it is a source of endless information from maps to recipes. Some people also use it as a way to meet potential lovers; sites are dedicated to finding a person their soul mate. It does beg the question; "Can you find everlasting love on the internet?" What do you think? Are people who use the internet to find partners mad or is it a way to meet people who share similar interests and have similar needs, which can lead to lasting love?


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I believe you can find ever-lasting love on the internet. You can find it just about anywhere if you think about it. My mother and her husband met via the internet, have married since, had 3 children with a 4th on the way and they haven't looked back since. I met my boyfriend of over a year via the internet, and I am very grateful. The internet can be a dangerous place to look, but it's just as dangerous as looking on the streets or at nightclubs etc. Everything has a risk attached to it. Love can be found in the weirdest of places, so it's best not to limit yourself, or any possibilities.

EVERY one of my single friends over the age of 28 uses internet dating to one degree or another.
I don�t think that people who use the internet to find partners are mad. I think to assume that you can find love on the internet is a touch sanguine, but that is not to say it can�t happen. The problem that many people find today is how to communicate with each other, and the internet and/or email facility is a good ground breaking tool for opening yourself up and exploring the ideas and emotions of another without being too involved from the outset. To some extent for the initial period of �getting to know� each other you have a form of self-protection in that you reduce the risk of being harmed psychologically or physically. You have the ability to cut off contact without fear, distress or any particular guilt.

The AB is a prime example of seeing how people connect in different ways and can find some level of commonality and bonding to certain aspects of their lives. In other factions you can see the lack of any cohesion between members, and in some rare cases, utter distaste. Natural selction and all that malarkey.

If an individual is prepared to go online and search for a soul mate then, providing they have an open mind and are able to protect their sensitivities and conduct themselves safely, then good luck to them.
I met my boyfriend over the internet...
Although not on a Internet dating site, we've only been together for 2 months.... But he's really changed my life and made it so much happier =]
So yes I think you can probably find everlasting love on the internet....
i met my partner on an internet site. we chatted online for 5 months before meeting getting to know each other. We werent looking for partners and were both happy being single. But we met up and got on so well together. 3 years down the line we live together and have a toddler and are very happy together.
I got 2 friends of mine to join the same site, one got married and one has a child now, both are very happy with their lives
As someone who runs a series of internet dating site for a living, I can tell you that we definitely do have people who find lasting love. That's not to say that it works for everyone, and it's not everyone's cup of tea. The good thing is that it's lost much of its stigma, and people feel more comfortable admitting to it.
Sure there are a few loonies out there, but you could equally well meet one in a pub, so I would say that it's worth giving it a try!
Hmmm, i have tried it and there are many weirdo's on there, but also some genuine ones. my problem was, the good ones always lived so far away.
But now i have found one, and she is well fit. She also has a great personality to go with her looks.
I never go up to girls so its better for me to use the internet. I dont know about the love thing. I am a very picky guy and something can turn me off in an instant. But i suppose other people could find love...
I am on the meet people with herpes website but I feel like I've wasted money trying to get in touch with the one other person my age in my city that has it so if anybody's reading this and thinks hmm that guy sounds quite nice get on and have a look for me, it's mostly women that get it stop spreading it you b@st@rds!
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yes it works met future mrmnko online everyone knows how we met
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My firned met her guy online, that was 2years ago.
in this day and age people are too busy to do the social thing
Well, here I am on the internet in Barcelona, so where 're the men??
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I met my boyfriend of going on for 2 years on a dating website and we both love each other, so yes you can find love. I'd just given up actually looking for someone on there and contacted him just to be friends as he lived so far away (85 miles) but we ended up meeting 3 months after first contacting each other and got on really well so we decided to keep seeing each other. It's a bit embarrasing telling your friends at first where you met but people get over it...
back in Nagasaki, i got married to Cho Cho San.
that was her name in those days and i was her man.

they were the good old days. long before internet dating and cyber love...

today the world revolvs around,

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Internet dating

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