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valentine/young lovers

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cliffsgirl | 09:16 Tue 13th Feb 2007 | Body & Soul
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is valentines day just for young lovers?
does it mean anything to older people/
do you have romance in your life or is it tosh when you've been married thirty odd years, my hubby and i dont bother with valentines, i think were like an old pair of slippers. hw about you/? whats ur view?


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hi caz, hope u dont mind me asking, do u atill fancy him,lol
tell me to mind my own business if u want, its just interesting getting other folks view.
Valentines is supposed to be a day for people to let someone know they love/fancy a person ~ but completely anonymous.

So Mr P and I don't bother with it!

And we still fancy the pants off each other, letting each other know that very often. In fact, not only does Mr P tell me he loves me every day he also makes a point of telling me he fancies me too :o)
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i have been married for 30 something years, to be honest, i dont fancy him, i find sex boring, i wouldnt know what to do without him tho, he's like a really best friend , sort of,
dont know if thats love, he seems to have more feelings than i do, hes the sort who aways touches and wants physical contact. does any of this make sense?.
sorry for rambling.
of course sometimes i do have sexual feelings, (maybe one a month ) but mainly cant be bothered.
its a good job he cant read this.
Cliffsgirl,I thought you were talking about me there. I have gone off wanting sex with my hubby also. We have been married over 30 years.I cringe when he mentions it. When Viagra was found did anyone ask the women, not that he uses it but was just a thought. I must be very loyal to the Queen,I`m often laying back thinking of England.
Question Author
wow pea pod, its great to know i'm not alone in this,
sex is a big deal for men is'nt it?
but i suppose if you eat chocolate everyday for 30 years you would get sick of it.
my friend puts it this way.

blimey cliffsgirl and peapod, should we start some sort of club : O thought you were describing me back there!!
for the record i feel like chucking my 'old slippers out!' dont bother with valentines day (christ dont wanna give him any ideas wink wink) he used to give me a couple of quid so i could get myself one (nice!) now we are just what i call 'plodding' yeah and i agree........good job he cant read this heheheheh
Showing someone you love how much they mean to you should be an all year thing. It`s the little things that`s done that matter not a bunch of flowers/gift/card once a year. Valentine`s Day is ANOTHER moneymaking day.
Question Author
too true, everything is money grabbing commercialized robbery, even christmas, (which i love incidentally) but its sad fact nowadays.
well im depressed, single and alone so i wouldnt know!!
I can't be bothered with Valentine's day anymore.x
NO!!!!!! Valentines is for EVERYONE!!!! Not just YOUNG lovers.
Lovers can be of any age!!! My best friends 7 year old son had his mum help him buy a cheap little toy ring for a little girl in his class that he liked(too cute!!!) I've seen old old couples walking and still holding hands. People dont always like the commercialism of holidays like this, but what's wrong with telling someone, anyone, hubby, kids, parents, siblings, pets the Postman or Milkman that you love or care about them. I think it is lovely. We dont go all out or anything, but i've bought my grown kids and my hubby some sweeties that i put in pretty gift bags, nothing big just a reminder to them that i love them. Days melt in to days and months in to months and we forget sometimes and our lives and emotions get put on auto pilot so i think Valentines day gives everyone a good excuse to let the love flow(NOT that we should need an excuse). Lets act like everyday is Valentines day. Do i see a show of hands?
aww bless, you sound lovely, if only everyone thought like you kaylamay

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valentine/young lovers

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