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Why don't we all just go to Suggs? ....

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naz_nomad | 00:11 Sat 10th Feb 2007 | Body & Soul
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naz. email me feel a bit lost here
That`s Madness
Question Author
I was going to reply, ''and this isn't?'' ...

but then the penny dropped ... nice one ...

How wierd. I just came back to post a question saying is Suggs the new B&S?

lots of love xxxx :o)
What and miss out on the next question `I gotta fess up'?
Too late it's gone!
naz -

had any interesting e mails tonight?

lots of love xxxx :o)

I am mostly hanging out in suggs now.
What was the fess up all about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Why don't we all just go to Suggs? ....

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