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robbo82 | 17:48 Wed 07th Feb 2007 | Body & Soul
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One of my best friends (aged 23) has just been diagnosed with leukemia. I am in absolute state of shock at the moment. Can anyone please inspire me with any true stories of people they know coming through the disease successfully. Please only serious replies.


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My ex boyfriend was diagnosed with testicular cancer at a similar age. He then went on to develop stomach cancer and leukemia. He is still alive and kicking 10 years later after treatment. Wasn't a nice time for him but he is philosophical about it. 23 is young and your friend has a great chance for a full recovery.
I have no stories to inspire you, but treatment has come on leaps and bounds recently, your friend is young, I'm sure they have a fantastic outlook, best wishes to you both, be strong. xx
It depends a hell of a lot on the type of leukaemia. If the lymphoid type, then the prognosis is much better than if it is in the myeloid series, also whether acute or chronic.

Modern therapies are very very good. Best wishes to you all.
Sorry to hear that robbo,but he must stay positive, I know of a young girl near me that had a brain tumour and cancer at the same time, she was 15, she is now 18 and, she is fine, naz_nomad has also had cancer, my wife has also had it,and she is also fine, my wife had to have two ops and 6 months chemo, followed by 5 years on tamoxifen, whatever happens robbo never be afraid to talk to him about it, he won't want people treating him as if he isn't here, but some will. I think mainly because they don't know what to say, wish him well, and as whiffey says,the treatments now are excellent, Ray
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Thanks very much for all your best wishes guys, much appreciated. My friend is actually female, hopefully the treatment won't affect that!
Sorry robbo, I just assumed it was a bloke, wish her well, and just be there to give her a hug, when she needs one.
A friend of mine had cancer but he is fine now and has the all clear
Hello Johnny Q! Long time no speak! Can't really add to any of the above but just wanted you to know my thoughts are with you and your friend. x
Mine too robbo, think positive thats the key! all the best xx
my dad (84) was very ill before christmas and had to spend a bit of time in hospital, whilst he was there the doctor asked him about his leukimia!!

i was shocked by this and said "what leukimia??" to which my elder brother told me that my old man had been diagnosed over 20 years ago and they didnt tell me because i was to young to understand at the time??

he is still with us today moaning about the weather and youngsters and women so i can only hope its the same type as my old man!!

wish this person well from me tho will ya!!!
I had the same as Sasha's ex-boyfriend, (no, I don't mean Sasha), that was almost 3 years ago, and unfortunately for some, I'm still here.

You think you're shocked at the moment, but I guarantee this will be the scariest thing your friend will ever go though, she just needs people around her that care. Don't feel like you have to be strong, a good cry never hurt anybody.

I can't really give you much 'technical' info, the cancer I had was ''relatively'' easy to sort out.

Your friend hasn't got anything contagious, so don't ''back-off'' from her, be there when she needs you.

Wish her well ... Naz x

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