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Critical Mass ... are you freaking serious?

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naz_nomad | 00:35 Tue 06th Feb 2007 | Body & Soul
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from the Ed Blod ... To update those of you who have shown an interest in this option, we are currently looking for more AnswerBank users to subscribe before we can launch the feature, as we currently do not have enough critical mass; however I assure you we are not far off! Critical Mass - is the amount needed for a sustained nuclear chain reaction. Holy Cr�pe guys ... AB are trying to end the World.


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*** Blog***, yeah, I know
mmmmm must say i'm better on weather patterns or the chaos
Maybe the pope can help, he does a wide variet of masses, matbe even critical ones!
variety - maybe (sorry)
Question Author
It's also the first time I've had a ''personal'', yet very subtle telling-off from the Ed ...

Stands in corner 'til end of class
A critical mass of what?
so whats at the end of the universe?????????
A loft?
Question Author
curly ...there's another universe, like a neighbour, kinda.
Question Author
happy birthday curly
many thanks naz,

i always thought whats at the end, if there is a end, whats on the other side nothing? no such thing, i just think now it carries on for ever, easier on me know as well as the rest of us that it's a secret military exercise.

ummmm banned = target destroyed + collateral damage.
ummmm has question removed = target destroyed.

Now report this question so it gets deleted and no-one else finds out...

And try to remember next time!
Critical mass is an international last Friday of the month bike ride. Is the Ed really saying �on yer bike�?

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Critical Mass ... are you freaking serious?

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