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A difficult week ahead/any advice would be great

Avatar Image | 11:05 Mon 05th Feb 2007 | Body & Soul
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Hi, well i am just recouperating today as we have had family visiting from australia for a week so very tired. Just had my girlfriend down for a couple of days too and introduced her to all my family for the first time.

Well I have a tough week ahead and still feel there is so much on my shoulders. My main thing this week though is keeping my energy up and my spirits up too. I have been very depressed of late and am finding life like being a snow plough with things mounting up and i cant face or have the abilty to make changes or be a better person etc.

I have an interview for a managment position with my current company this coming friday but i just dont think i can do it as i have been put forward by my line manager and her manager. Its a big step up and linked to the inner me is the feeling i can do and be more in life i just need to dig deep inside to find my abilities. I have done great things in the past but they have been glimpses of what i can be i cant seem to carry on going in the right direction i seem to sink under when my worries and insecurities of a troubled past hurt me.


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Hi worried.You The first thing is that your manager and her manager both think you are up to the job and obviously see something in you that is good and capable. Maybe you are just going through a low spot. If you get the job I hope this will help you see the wonderful you that other people obviously see. The small bit of practical advice I can give to you is drink lots of coffee before your interview. Good luck. XXxx
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really? i tend to find coffee sends me to the loo then also gives me a low afterwards.

I have been depressed for a number of years and despite help from the doctor and a counsellor am finding it very hard to climb out of the hole which is my life.
Hey your life doesn't seem such a 'hole' to me... you have family who you care about and who care about you... a girlfriend... work colleagues who think you are capable... and 'hopefully' a new, better job by the end of the week...

All sounds pretty positive to me! ;o)
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maybe it seems that way to others but i am filed with stress and worry about the lack of normal things in my life and difficulties which i feel i should not have or are my own stupid fault.

The main problems are thatdue to taking a low paid job after uni my momentum from uni has gone and my imagination is low, i have lost contact with the few friends i made at uni and have always been bad with making friends and that is my main thing being able to find a few friends in life and some interests. i need to move out of home and need to sort my money out. perhaps the job could bring me money to sort my finances and that could be the start of sorting the other problems one by one?
surely if your mangers did not think you could do the job, they would not have put you forward, you'll be fine
it is difficult being in a rut, and having depression does not help i bet, i have the opposite chemical imbalance to depression which, keeps me happy, but does have its downsides, i tend to never worry about anything, even when i should, perhaps i could send you some seratonin (if its spelt right!)
always think whats the worse that can happen, if you dont suffer physical pain, theres nothing to worry about, lifes foe living not worrying about, easier said than done, but you will be fine
Start taking Bach Rescue Remedy in preparedness for the interview. I find it stops me worrying about things and makes me chill out about life more. You can find it in Boots and most other chemists in homepathy section. As they said above-your managers would not have out you forward if they didnt think you were capable. Best of luck!!
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thanks i am not sure about bath flower remedie - do i need to take it everyday? I have some kalms tablets which i have been told help with stress?

I have a lot on my mind at the moment and some of the things need me to phone or e-mail people. For example i did some charity work towards the end of last year but then could not do it in december due to working a lot. Since then i have been recouperating not doing as many hours due to the amount of stress incured as a result of very long hours. Anyway i am geting back to normal now but need to drop the charity a line to say sorry i have not been in contact but i find it really hard as i feel so bad that i am a failure for not keeping them abreast of what i have been up to and why i cant do any volunteer work for them at the moment.
I find the flower remedy makes me chill the F out and look after me. Just a few drops on tongue few times a day, less if there's nothign specifc you're preparing yourself for. Makes me realise there are worse things going on in the world than whatever it is I have to deal with and I just get on with it. And that's just it-once you pick up the phone and start talking you'll realise it's really not hat bad-it's the thought of it that sucks!
It's worth a try if kalms arent working for you.

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A difficult week ahead/any advice would be great

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